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    Looking for neuro job share partner northeast, tx, fla, or anywhere is fine. All outpatient, no call Monday – Friday alternating 2 and 3 days each. Does anyone know of any other such jobs (any field) what are the pros and cons? I am hoping this job share board gets more popular.. posts seem to be few and far in between. Are people just not interested in job sharing? Please share any other job share websites/links etc. Thanks moms! 🙂

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    I used to share a job with another pediatrician, we each worked two days per week. We shared our nanny too, so she landed up with a full time job between the two of us! Technically it was not a job share as we were part of a large group. We did share our call, we each rounded and took call on our usual work days. Loved it. I think a reduced call burden is not so common though, but I was grateful to have it then…
    Good luck! If your group were to advertise for a part timer, I bet there would be quite a response…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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