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    I’m wondering if any of you – who may have older pre-reqs – have taken the Kaplan classroom prep course. If yes, did you find the course useful? Do you think taking the actual pre-req courses over would have helped more???

    DrWuStar *DrWuStar*

    i found the kaplan course very helpful. i had taken most of the pre-reqs a few years before, but the physics 6 or7 years before. the nice thing about the kaplan course is that they cover only the material you need to know for the exam. it’s condensed, so you might have to study up on something once you realize you have forgotten it, but the course provides a good road map for studying. the course also focuses on test taking strategies, which i found helpful.

    overall, i think the kaplan course is much more focused prep than retaking the full prereq courses. even if you took the courses years ago, i’m sure the information will come back to you pretty quickly. good luck!


    I took Kaplan, and although it was a lot of money, it was a good way to force myself to sit down 8 hours a week and study. Plus, you get familiar with the type of testing questions, and lots of practice tests, which I thought were the most helpful thing. If you’re a self-motivated studier, then you could probably get by with just getting the books and taking lots of practice tests on your own. In my case, however, I’m a horrid procrastinator, and it did make me study for it. I ended up doing very well on the MCAT, so I guess it works. 🙂


    I agree 100% with DrWuStar and Drey. It had been several years since my physics and gen chem courses and Kaplan really helped me figure out what to focus my studies on. Also, as a parent and OChem student, the enforced study time was really useful!

    I thought it was worth the money and I was very happy with my score.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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