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    I don’t know if anyone else is currently experiencing this, but I just put my twin boys on the bus for Kindergarden today! Okay, it was only a half-day and they are nearly 6 years old, but I felt like little Bo-Peep who lost her sheep! I have an older daughter and these guys are my “babies.” I didn’t think it would hit me so hard since I’ve been delaying my medical career aspirations to get them to this point.
    I thought I would be overjoyed to see them reach this stage. Now I can finish my last few classes and send off my med school application next summer! Well, I guess a mother’s feelings are always prone to roller-coaster rides. :rolleyes:


    I’m with you Theresa,

    My oldest is starting this year, and after years of laughing when other mothers felt blue about their kids starting “real school” (I thought they were silly :rolleyes: ), now here I am feeling the same way.

    It’s so hard to send them out into the big world.


    Oh, yes! I am still in shock that my older child is really going to kindergarten. We visited for the first time the other day and after initial clinging he did fine. I am the one having the blues over this big change! He won’t be 5 until October, and I am sad to think that I won’t be welcome anytime at his new childcare center. (Not that they would keep me out, but they expect the kids to be on their own.) He also is having to leave friends from our old childcare center that he has had since he was literally a baby. This feels especially emotive to me because my younger child is 4 years younger, and her babyhood reminds me so much of my son’s babyhood. Where did it go?! LW


    Amen sisters!
    My oldest started kindergarten last fall and he was great but I cried all the way home from his first day! I was happy for him and his independence but was sad for my loss of one of my “babies”.
    Momof3 :confused:

    Brooke TroutBrooke Trout

    My little girl, 7 years old *gasp*, starts 2nd grade this year. I cried the first day of Kindergarten and First grade, and other days in between, too. I get tearing thinking about how big she is getting. I am sure I will cry Wednesday the 28th when she gleefully joins her peers in Second grade. It is so hard for mom to no longer be the center of her universe. 😉 Last year she reminded me that “You can go home now.” I had to linger and watch…so hard to let go. I am hoping it gets easier with each grade and accomplishment. LOL.

    CaLiGirL :)CaLiGirL:)

    I wonder if starting kindergarten would be a little easier for my daughter. I’m hoping it will being that she already goes to school/daycare. Does that make life any easier? My daughter starts kindergarten next year, and I’m starting to dread the thought already. Of course, I won’t know how it is until she really starts but I’m assuming that it would be alright b/c she already attends school (sort of). Lord knows how sad I was when she started daycare. It was an everyday thing. Everytime she cried knowing that I was going to leave her there, it ripped my heart out…on top of being sad that she was going to be at school instead of with me.

    Hopefully, knodergarten will be better. We’ll see… 🙁


    Brenda MayBrenda May


    My daughter has been in daycare/preschool since she was an infant. I was either working full-time or going to school full-time and had no choice. She is extremely independent, needless to say, and it wasn’t her that I had to worry about last week on her first day of kindergarten. When we took her to her class on the first day, she looked around, saw some games and puzzles, went straight for them and then turned and looked at my husband and I and said “Bye! See you later.” 😮 She was so happy to be there.

    My husband was in tears all the way back to the car and so was I. It wasn’t that she needed us, it was that we needed her. We wanted her to “cling” to us so that we would believe she was still our little “baby.”

    CaLiGirL :)CaLiGirL:)

    I’m a bit depressed and woozy b/c unfortunately, childcare did not work out around where I live and therefore my daughter has to spend Monday-Friday an hour away from me at my mother’s house. I plan on going down there every Wednesday night so I could spend the night and have all Thurday with her. Regardless, I’m still so sad that she will be away for so long during the week and that she’ll be home only on the weekends. I have to put up with it for 10 wks and I’ll have a good month of winter vacation to spend with her. Then, back to the normal and depressing setting. 🙁

    At least I know she’s in good hands. Her daycare is 100% awesome and my mom is a God send. I’m lucky to have such wonderful help during my academic years! 🙂



    I am privileged in the sense that i did not have to put my only son in day care (me and my husband worked different shifts with my mom right next door to “sit” in between and then some.) I decided two years ago to put him in 3 year-old preschool offered at our public school in our area for two hours a day to help him with his socialization skills (being an only child, you know how spoiled they can become). Needless to say, he HATED it for the first two months! I cried everyday for the first two months that first year. I even considered pulling him out (teachers strongly advised me against it). Four year preschool, I did pull him out. He was having a really hard time with the transition. I was worried he would be the same when Kindergarten rolled around. Although he was somewhat nervous, he took it like a champ! I was so proud of him! I found myself saddened, however, that he didn’t “need” me that day. My baby is growing up! They grow up too quickly. He stills hates it and it is a battle every afternoon to get him dressed. Every day he promises me that he won’t give me a hard time, but that day never comes. I am going to enjoy it now, because I know the day will come when he is getting himself up and off to the bus alone (like at 16 lol). That is another day I do not look forward to!

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