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    Hopefully its not just me but I do really well on the lecture portions on my tests but when it comes to the lab I don’t “get it”. I mean I do ok with my labs and always pass them, but I feel I totally suck in the laboratory!!

    My chem professor was telling me she never really did well (she she has a doctorate in chemistry!) until after she graduated from college… that made me feel better, like at least I am not to stupid or something…lol

    Is anyone else like that? When I took into to chem I made an A in the lecture part of class but only a C in the lab.

    I’m always very prepared for lab, but things just don’t always click for me in lab. I don’t know if I feel I am to rushed and I want to take time with my experiments and really understand what I am doing and why.

    It seems some of my classmates just FLY through lab and are done in 5 mins and I am always one of the last people to finish it all up.

    What has your experiences been with lab portions of your science classes?



    I have am a total idiot as far as it goes to labs! :rotfl:
    Since I really like to cook, I’m optimistic about the labs…
    Good luck!


    Some people are just more adept at doing hands on than others, do not let this worry you too much. Try to pair up with someone that knows what they are doing, can do it well, and gets finished on time. I tell you the organic labs are not any easier…this said do you read the lab prior to lab a couple of times? do you see if there is which there should be any correlation with the material covered in lecture? after reading your lab go to the professor and ask some questions.


    I know what you mean Marilyn! I hate lab! Good thing is, at our university, we dont get seperate grades in lab, it includes our lecture grade and only counts 20%.

    The labs we do, do not correlate with lecture at all! I can do my pre-labs, read over them, and still, lab will not go smoothly!

    Just know, you are not alone!


    Oh you girls I am so glad its not just me!!

    I just don’t feel comfortable and usually our labs have *nothing* to do with lecture! Our lab grade is only worth 20% of our finaly grade as well, so that is good.

    My teacher keeps telling me the more I do it the better I will get with I hope that is true.

    You girls are always so great!! I’m just glad to know its not just me. I do great with the lecture and homework, I guess that is the main thing.



    Marilyn –
    I thought it was only me! :rolleyes: I can’t stand lab. I am always so jealous of the people that get done fast. I am so anal about lab that it takes me forever. I also feel like my technique is awful. My labs have also been included in my course grade, so I can make up for it in lecture. Biology lab has been so much easier for me so far, although it is just a class. But much easier than Gen Chem…Oh well…


    I so feel your pain! I am always the last one done with lab…I’m so insecure about it that I wind up being anal-retentive when I’m actually doing it. In first semester, I was lucky and got the TA that was an easy grader-as long as you got the basic concept and the answer right (like the composition of an oxide one) you’d get full points. So I managed to get a 98 average….we’ll see with second semester-the prof actually handles it and while he’s great in lecture, I’m not sure how he handles the lab-I’ve heard he’s a really hard grader.

    Bottom line-it comes down to: do you understand the concept? If so, then I wouldn’t worry about it too much. After all, what we’re after here (ideally) is knowledge, not grades (though I know that grades ultimately determine whether or not you get a chance at becoming a physician!). The knowledge is what I’ve been going for, and so far it’s enabled me to pull off a 4.0, but I don’t have too many illusions about this semester….it’ll be a lot harder! Knowledge is what will help your patients in the future and that’s what’s important.

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