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    I’m looking for advice on the best lab sciences to take while pregnant. I’m slowly but surely working on my prereqs right now; I’m also 11 weeks pregnant. I was going to take organic chemistry this semester, but I think I’ll pass due to the chemicals, etc. I still have to take both semesters of physics and my second semester of general biology. Are the labs for these classes relatively safe for pregnant women? Has anyone had any experience with this? Thanks!


    I took organic throughout my entire pregnancy (spring…found out I was pregnant a couple of weeks into the semester…and summer semesters). The first semester the professor just had me not touch any of the chemicals (he gave me a lab partner who did all of that) and was more strict about everyone using the hoods. The second semester we used tiny amounts of the chemicals (seriously, we had tinsy, tiny beakers, etc) and that professor didn’t have any restrictions on what I could do in there. I had absolutely no problems at all.

    I wouldn’t be worried about physics or gen’l biology.


    Physics labs tend to be toxic free. All that gravity, momentum and optics!


    I agree with the others. Physics and Gen. Bio at my school have nothing toxic at all. Organic; we dealt with small amounts of stuff, but it was usually benzene based or lots of carcinogens. I’ve known people to unknowingly take org and do OK, but they tend to agree that they wouldn’t want to chance it knowing they were pregnant going in. Like Melissa said though, discuss it with the professor and I’m sure that something could be worked out.

    Great news! Good luck!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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