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    How long have you been a MomMD member? Is anyone still around from 1999? Update us on what has happened to any of you since you joined MomMD!

    Sethina :p


    I’ve been around this site (or the old one) since I guess 1999. I think I was using a different username back then… my memory is having a seniors moment :goodvibes: )

    Mimicat 😮



    Yup…I’m one of the original square pegs of MomMD; have been since 1999. I was so glad to find the site and surfed it every night before and after studying!

    I’m done with pre-med courses for now…unless I decide to finish the BS in life sciences. This semester, I spend 2 days per week dissecting a human cadaver on our campus. (So great…wait til you see; the human body is awesome in the real sense). I also have finished my hospice training and certificate; have my first hospice patients. That’s not easy to see people who are ‘actively’ dying, but they have been wonderful.

    Also, I just accepted a job at the hospital…took a month of interviews and phone calls to get! This is for a nurse’s aide position in the MICU. The do 3 weeks of paid training, then I’ll work part-time, evening shift, on a bi-weekly schedule.

    Applications are coming along…we’ll see what happens! Take care…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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