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    Marcy CMarcy C

    Hi! My name is Marcy. Im 32 and a LPN. Ive been nursing for 6 yrs. I have come to the decision to continue my education and go to either med school of PA school. Right now Im deciding towards Med School. If there is anyone that will lead me in the right direction and answer millions of questions swimming in my head drop me a line! 🙂


    Mary this is a great place to post questions, but if you need more answers or quicker return on them try browsing the OldPrmeds website here is a link You can also just post the questions here and I am sure many of us can help you out. To start off with the medical school track you will need to get a B.S or B.A that includes the required classes for entrance to medical school. Your degree can be in anything that you enjoy just make sure you get the best grades possible. Good luck and ask questions!


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    Hi Marcy,

    If you look at the websites of the schools in which you are interested (or a couple of representative schools), you will see the requirements. Although most of them say that you can apply w/o a degree, your chances of getting in w/o a college degree are extremely small. So, first you need to decide on a major and head back to school. If you already have a degree, then it is a little more straightforward.

    The MCAT is required for med school admissions in almost all med schools. You take this test usually the April before you are planning to apply for admission to med school. You ideally apply in summer the year BEFORE you would start school. So, the people applying right now will be starting med school in 2003. This usually means taking the MCAT and applying during your junior year of undergraduate so you can start med school right after you get out.

    If you have specific questions, please post them. I’m not sure what to tell you. Also, the premedical advisor at a local college might be able to help you get on track.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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