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    I am going to purchase MCAT audio tapes to help prepare while I’m on my commute. However, I’m not sure which type to purchase. I know ExamKrackers(sp?) has one (cd version) and there is an AudioLearn cassette version as well. Has anyone used these? I thought there was a post about this earlier but I couldn’t find it. Any advice would be helpful. Just a note: My car has a cassette player (I’m haven’t caught up with technology yet and gotten a cd player in my car) but I do have a cd headset that I can use. So either version would work.


    Brenda MayBrenda May

    I got the AudioLearn cassettes and they were pretty good. I would make sure that you buy them now and start listening to them now! They don’t teach you anything, they only help you review what you have already learned! Give yourself a good 2-3 months of doing nothing but just reviewing before you take the MCAT practice exams.


    I used Audiolearn and found them to be very helpful. I’ll never forget sitting at a stoplight listening to this booming deep voice say “momentum is ALWAYS conserved.” Believe it or not, there was a problem about that on the MCAT. I answered it in 2 seconds flat and moved on. 🙂 Also, I know this is not a good idea…but I used the flashcards (I forget who makes them…I bought them at Amazon) when I was in the car. I’d read one side and then say out loud everything I knew about it. Dangerous, I know…but it helped pass those hours in the car and helped with my studying. Good luck.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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