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    Hi ladies,

    Has anyone put together a plan for studying for MCAT starting Jan 1st? I’ve spent some time looking at the different study material out there.
    Examkrackers, KAPLAN etc. and also the MCAT syllabus published by AMCAS.

    Examkrackers materials (study guide + 1001) looks good for Physics and Gen Chem. They seem to cover exactly what is on MCAT. I am not sure about Bio and Orgo. What are your thoughts? I’ll be starting Kaplan in January, I presume several of you would be taking Kaplan as well. How do you plan on mixing the Examkrackers and Kaplan material.

    Also, Does anyone have specific recommendations for preparing for Orgo on MCAT? I’ve taken Orgo several years ago. I’ll be taking it again, but after MCAT. I’ll have to study for it on my own and in KAPLAN.

    Thanks! Good Luck!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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