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    Previously I posted a topic on Medical schools in New York but I feel that everyone :twocents: (underground info :tired: scholarships to the nontraditional students?

    If you have any other questions, which I am sure that you do post it. This will hep me and many other pre meds confused about applying to medical schools.


    Does anyone know which medical schools accept a decent amount of nontraditional students?

    All medical schools are really accepting non-trads IMHO, I received interviews from about every school that I submitted secondaries to except maybe three (I applied to 32 schools). So do not just go by oh this school has a higher average age so they must take more non-trads. Just make sure that your numbers are good, you have done all the other things suggested like volunteering/healthcare exposure/leadership/etc and then apply to the schools that you think that you would be happy at.

    Is there any medical school that accounts for the working mother when making their final decision on applicants in comparing grades?

    I do not think that they will take into account subpar grades regardless if you are working or not because many people out there can work and still do very well in their classes. What I think that they take into account is lack of EC’s if you are working FT, have a family and are going to school.

    Is there any school in which is over rated just because of history?

    I do not think so, the top schools are top due to various reasons one of them being research ongoing at those institutions.

    Is there any school that is underated and should be re evalutated?
    Yes, some schools that do not do as much research but pump out great clinicians, Jefferson comes to mind and of course I truly believe that Mayo Clinic College of Medicine should be in the top 10.

    What about state schools are theit students looked down upon when applying for residencies?

    I do not think so because it really boils down to your grades in medical school (ranking in class) and USMLE scores.

    Is the name of the school really that important?
    It can be if you are considering a career in academia.

    What schools offer more scholarships to the nontraditional students?

    I am not sure about scholarships based on non-trad status, most are merit based.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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