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    Well, I am brand new to this website seeing as i just switched by bac degree major to premed/biology a month ago when i decided to become a doctor. Although I am a newbie to all of this I really feel a calling for medicine, i had been an architecture major and realized i just really wanted to help people more, and medicine has always interested me. Right now I am searching for information about all of the different specialties just to see what is out there and I have not found much! If anyone has any links to websites with good information about what different kinds of doctors do or if you are a doctor and wish to tell me a little bit about you then please respond.
    Also, does anyone have some suggestions for a specialty that would fit my goals:
    1. have a (big, succesful) family
    2. Be able to work very individually and personally with my patients
    3. Still have time and money to support my family emotionally and financially.

    Some specialties that have interested me a bit are family practice, ob/gyn and pediatrics, so give me some info :confused:

    sorry it was so long


    Hi Tiffany,
    Welcome to mommd. It is a vast field. I am a pediatrician and have 2 young children, 2y and 3 1/2y respectively. I think peds helps as much as possible to keep in line with your goals. I work part time and selected my speciality based on similiar priorities. Take a look at the web site: (american academy of pediatrics). It is caulk full of much info. If you like to talk more in depth send me a private message. Good Luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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