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    Hello ALL
    :wave: These questions may be best suited for medical students that already have the inside scoop to most of the medicals schools. Please if you have any of the answers to the following questions feel free to answer because we are all in this together lol :scratchchin: This will hep me and many other pre meds confused about applying to medical schools.


    Good question! I’m starting the application process and would love some insite on midwestern Medical Schools that are family friendly.


    shauna ,MS,MomMD2Bshauna,MS,MomMD2B

    I don’t know the answer to most of your questions because I didn’t research the ‘inside scoop’ on any schools outside of California.

    I can tell you the little bit of info I know about Cali schools though:

    UCLA and UCLA/Drew accept a decent amount of nontraditional students. These schools would take the ‘working mother’ into account.

    Although the ‘Drew Residency Program’ is going through quite a number of challenges, their med school program is ‘underrated and should be re reevaluated’ (I think anyway).

    The Cali State schools are EXCELLENT For instance, UCSF, UCSD, and UCLA are all ranked within the top 10-15 schools in the country.I hear that their names carry a lot of clout when applying to residency programs.

    But then I’ve also heard that the name of the med school one attends doesn’t matter; it’s all about how you performed during your clinical rotations (evidenced by letters of recommendation) that REALLY counts when you apply for residency.
    This question might be better answered by a resident who has gone through the experience of ‘matching.’ I’m just a lowly 1st year.

    Either way, no, I don’t think students looked down upon when applying for residencies if they are from state schools. I think it all depends on the quality of the individual school, and the student’s performance.

    The thing I wished I had learned before applying to med school is how long the commitment REALLY is!
    4 years for med school, 3-5 years for residency, and another 2-3 years if you wish to specialize.

    I really didn’t know this as a premed! I don’t know HOW this important information escaped me! I guess I was just focused on getting INTO medical school, I really didn’t look beyond that.

    Also, if you read enough posts on this site, you will learn that women REALLY struggle trying to balance the ‘Mom’ thing with the ridiculously demanding career of medicine. Some regret their choice of ever getting into the profession. Some choose to leave the profession, after all that training, to stay at home and raise their children. But most seem to ultimately find the balance between the two.
    I hope to be one of those.

    God Bless!



    Drexel University / MCP-Hahnemann is a very family friendly place that has a very high percentage of “non-traditional” applicants and look at “life experience” in addition to just grades. They also take a pretty high percentage of out of state applicants. One of the advantages is the 2 tracks available — problem / case based and traditional lecture based. Another advantage is the many clinical sites offered, but if you have kids, you can be assigned to one geographical area.

    We did have a blip of low board scores a few years back, but the last few classes have done very well, and we have matched quite well. (Which I hope continues for MY class this year!) Another perceived black mark is the fact that one of the main hospitals (MCP) is being closed in march, but with the plethora of clinical sites, that won’t affect the clinical education.

    Anyway, Drexel is a school to consider for the non-traditional applicant. I’ve enjoyed my time here!


    I work at Hahnemann and I agree… Drexel has an excellent program! I plan to apply fy 2007. Drexel also has a great post bacc program as well with linkage with the Drexel’s med school and Robert John Woood Med School.

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