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    This is for anyone currently going through this whole mess, at any stage. If I get into med school, I’d be the first MD on either side of my family, so I have no one to ask this question of:

    What would you tell your daughter if she wanted to go into medicine? After everything you’ve all been through, would you wish it on your daughter and tell her it’s worth it?


    Well, I don’t have a daughter (or a son) but if I did, and *I* thought it was worth going into medicine, I’d tell my daughter the same thing. You’re pursuing this career (or are already there?) so I’m assuming you think it’s worth it! If I had kids, I’d tell them they can be anything they want to be provided they work hard for it.



    Drey, no MDs in my family, but I can tell you what a good friend’s surgeon dad said about it. He advised my friend (male) to think very carefully about it and to avoid going into serious debt for med school, because the trend he saw was toward sharply lower salaries. The dad’s main worry (reflecting his age, perhaps) is that my friend wouldn’t be able to both pay off heavy debt and save adequately for retirement with a declining or stagnant salary. Apart from that, he’s stayed out of his son’s decision. My friend’s in the middle of the application process now.



    I’d let a daughter decide and say I’d be proud either way…but if she asked for ADVICE I’s strongly suggest looking into alliedhealth fileds with good pay good self-esteem and good hours (speech path, PT, OT, midlevel)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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