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    Ashley SAshley S

    Hi everyone. 😀

    I am Ashley, a third year med student from Mississippi. Sethina has been kind anough to allow me to begin a diary here on MomMD. I have been lurking & posting around here for a long time. Although I do not have any kids yet, I hope to have some one day! MomMD is the only resource I have found that will “tell you like it is” about raising a family and becoming a doctor. I am excited about sharing my med school experience with you!

    Just a word (or actually a whole bunch of them) about me…. :wave:

    “Give what you have. To someone it may be better than you dare to think.”
    —Henry W. Longfellow
    “There are people who make no mistakes because they never try to do anything.”


    Yay! :wave: I’m so glad that you’ll be joining in! :goodvibes:

    Ashley SAshley S

    Thanks MelissaGray. I bet you could give me some pointers 🙂


    Hi!! I’m looking forward to reading your diary. I am 29 and finishing up my prereq’s this year. I hope to take the MCAT in April 2004!! I have a wonderful 2 year old, and am trying to decide now when to plan another one!! No kittens, but two dogs. I also love DISNEY WORLD!! What a great idea!! We try to go every two years. We have celebrated all of our milestones there!! Honeymoon and my son’s first birthday!! We are planning to go back later this year before he turns three!! Just thought it was fun to know someone else shares my love of Disney World!! a lot of people think we are CRAZY!! They ask why we keep going back!! Good luck in your career!!

    Ashley SAshley S

    Hi Michele,
    Another Southern lady! 😀

    Yes, most of my friends think I am nutty, but I love Disney World. Hey as long as my husband doesn’t mind, I am there!

    I am glad you are looking forward to the diary. it should be up soon. Hang in there. Med school is a long journey, but is so worth it (at least I THINK it is!) :confused:

    Good luck! 🙂

    Ashley SAshley S


    Just in case you didn’t know about these, they’re great:

    LOVE those!


    I am a pre med student from louisiana, but I am transfering to Mississippi College in the fall to do the rest of my pre req’s. I am hoping to get into med school in Jackson. You will probably be out of there by the time I finaly make it though! I have about two years left before I get my bachelors in biology. I bet you could give me alot of advice. Good luck with everything.


    I am starting med school at the end of this summer, despite all the discouragement that I have recieved from every physician that i spoke to. Believe it or not, I seriously considered not going…but med school has always been an important goal to me and it is a part of my future. Despite everything, I think it is so worth it and will always be worth it. There is my positive bit to add to all of this.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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