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    Wow! Sethina has been kind enough to let me take part in MomMD by keeping a med school diary on the site! The introductory post is up and I wanted to let everyone know where to find it. You can use this link.

    melissa’s diary

    I’m really looking forward to having the chance to share my experiences with everyone and I look forward to your feedback.



    Melissa it has been really interesting to read your diary.

    I am also in Oklahoma (OKC) and am considering OSU for Med School…I really like the DO approach to medicine over MD.

    Is there anything you can tell a pre-med students-maybe some things or classses you wish you would have taken as a pre-med that you did not? Any experience I should get?

    Sounds like you are doing very well and I wish you the best of luck!



    Thank you, Marilyn. It is nice to get some feedback from time-to-time. :tired: , but I’ll think about your question & post something here once they’re over and I’ve recovered. 😉

    Please feel free to PM or email me if you have any questions about OSU-COM.

    30something -momof230something-momof2

    Hi Melissa,

    It is nice to read your stories. I was wondering if you could help me with some info. I have been accepted to medical school and may start this fall. I am 33 and have two children (ages 4 and 1). I am trying to understand the time committment involved.
    1) How much time during the week do you study on an average week?
    2) Do you know what the time commitment will be like during the 3rd and 4th years (i.e. what hours are you away from home)?

    I am trying to understand what I will be asking from my husband who is supportive, but also has a career of his own. I appreciate any advice.–Martha

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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