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    Last night while volunteering at the hospital this 22 year old make upstart asked me if I was at college. I went on to explain I had my degree and graduated 10 years ago etc. He then said “of you’re one of those!” I said what. He said “having a mid-life crisis and changing careers”. 😮 :hyper:

    Oh well, off to middle age I go….


    Who else is having a mid-life crisis?? what is it?


    I’m not really sure how to define a mid-life crisis :scratchchin: I think other people who react to career changers are the ones in crisis mode. Their fear is not being sure of they’re own station in life at such a young age. There are those who have a dream and don’t have the courage to make it happen. Everyone at mommd is courageous enough to go for it…that scares people who live “in the box” and never go for it!

    I hear this saying from student recently: Whatever you do be MAD…MAD=Make A Difference.
    I think that is so cool. So career changers aren’t in crisis, they are Making A Difference 😉


    Wow, that’s kind of insulting. Mid-life crisis is that thing where you wake up one day as Kevin Spacey in American Beauty, married to the self-abusive Real Estate Bitch Goddess, working in a worm job, drooling over your daughter’s friend and having your day’s best moment at 6 am, alone in the shower. That’s a midlife crisis.

    now, figuring on staying on a single track your whole life without frequently weighing why you’re there & whether it’s time to leave, that’s a good setup for midlife crisis. muahahahaha.


    EM momEM mom

    I have been accused of having a midlife crisis multiple times lately, mainly because I’m “giving up” what many have said has been a very successful surgical residency and moving to ER (where I would be MUCH happier for multiple reasons)…or at least trying to move to ER! Several times while filling out my new ERAS application and scheduling interviews with programs and contemplating moving across the country (again) I have also wondered am I having a midlife crisis…?

    But, crazy as my current plans may seem to some, I have to agree with Amyk…American Beauty is a midlife crisis, not rationally looking out for your own interests and well-being (and that of your family). Plus…if I’m having my midlife crisis at the age of 28, I’m in some serious trouble!


    funny, I forgot to say that I found the whole thing amusing. Rather I should have said no my life is starting again. Isn’t that a great thing? Sethina


    Haven’t mad a midlife crisis yet but I suspect it is contributed to by people:
    1. calling you ma’am ( at 31)
    2. guessing you are preg when you are not
    3. notice a white hair and point it out to
    4. CNA’s look at the CHadwick’s magazine and say , “hey look- it is Dr.______ ‘s ( me) type of clothing, ie. old lady clothing!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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