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    I’ve noticed in some of the birth stories that people have posted that they’ve had midwives deliver their children.

    I’ve been looking at a midwifery program as an option.

    What do you think about midwifery? Do you think it is a growing career? Why did you choose a midwife over a doctor? My boyfriend (MSII) was just telling me that in British Columbia they’re billing $2500/birth whereas OBs are billing $800! How does malpractice insurance compare between a midwife and an OB/GYN?

    I think I’m going to see if I can shadow a midwife…


    Where I live (Europe) it’s standard to have a midwife stay with you during the whole labor, which I thought was fine. The doctor is available and checks in case there are any problems and is generally there for the delivery I believe (at least in my case she was).


    Midwifes are great! I had a midwife deliver both my babies (over 9 pounds each and I am a small person) and I loved the experience. They also stress nutrition a great deal whereas most OBGYNs just don’t!!

    Frontier School of Midwifery is great. I have a friend who got her degree from them and she is awesome and she really enjoyed the experience. She has her own practice and I also know 2 CNM who practive at the hospital here too. They are *very* popular and of course midwifery is become more and more popular as women learn more about their bodies and really how much hospital interventions screw things up….just look at how fast the C-Sect rate is rising and how very low it is with midwives in general.

    Ok so I am biased towards midwives….don’t flame me 🙂



    As a peds resident, I got to watch many, many deliveries. The midwife deliveries were so different–usually calmer, with dim lights and music, and seemed more comfortable for the mother. I have, however, opted for an OB because I’m paranoid about complications. For most people, I think midwives are great when they are in the hospital with MD (or DO!) backup and an OR right there. I’ve been on the receiving end of newborns who had complications or whose mothers had complications in birthing centers and at home and had to wait to get to the hospital for further care. Even if they can be in the hospital in 20 mins, for a hemorrhaging mother or arrested newborn that can be too late. In a hospital, if a complication occurs, I’ve seen them go from vaginal delivery to having the baby out by emergency c/s in less than 10 mins!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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