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    By the time I start medical school my son will be 2&1/2 and I’m having such guilt about putting him in daycare. My husband works a full time job and we’re an hour away from our parents. Will the guilt go away? How do you all manage to study after class and be present for your child? No, I don’t envision dropping off and picking him up from daycare every day and doing every dinner, bath, and bed routine each night. But I’d prefer him to like me more than his nanny and not resent me.


    Every mom has guilt, MD or not, daycare or not. It seems to be the way of the modern mother. After 5 years of 100+ hours a week in residency (with all the guilt that comes with that), I finally looked at my two daughters (raised by a nanny and their dad primarily) and thought — hey! they are coming out great! And they get to be proud of what I do and see me pursue my dreams and not let my gender stand in the way. No regrets.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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