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    Good luck to you. I hope you do decide this is the right thing for you. I have been married for almost 6 years. We dated for 4 and then got married. I went back to school to finish pre-requisites for medical school. Survived the MCATs. Got in. Now I’m 5 months pregnant. It’s very much do-able. Go for it – medical school will work with you. If you have questions, let me know.


    Originally posted by Med2011:
    [b] Hi everyone,

    I am 24 years old and I have decided to go to medical school. This choice has not been an easy one, as I have had many reasons to doubt whether I should do it. However, at this point I am trying to stay focused on my goal and confident in my ability. I am very happy to have found this site as a lot of the experiences are very inspirational.

    One of my many questions with deciding to go to medical school had been the quality of life. I have always been a very driven person and always wanted a successful career in medicine. However, I have been in a very serious relationship (I know I am still very young :blush: ) for about 4 years. This is the first relationship that has started to make me consider having a family, marriage and all that good stuff…lol So then I started to second guess whether medicine was for me (another long story…I think I’ll start a diary…lol :laughing: ) However, after hearing so many stories on this site and during my volunteer service at the hospital…I have come to see that a family and medicine can work.

    Well this is my intorduction…I could keep going if I allow myself…lol

    I am excited to meeting you all and look forward to some great conversations.
    :hyper: [/b]


    I just graduated from medical school 2 weeks ago. I have a 4 year old daughter and a 2 year old son. Medicine has always been my dream, and I fell in love with medicine even more during med school. I am not taking the typical path, and am taking time off before starting residency. It was one of the toughest decisions I made. But our family needs it.I’m nervous/excited about my alternative route. But, I feel more sure it was best for us as the days pass.

    I can’t tell how many times I “lurked” on this website when I had no one who could really understand what I was going through! So a belated and heartfelt thanks to all the ladies out there who made me realize I’m not alone. So now that I have officially introduced myself…I hope I can share and learn from all you smart hardworking women out there!!!


    Hello Everyone,

    I’m 30 years old and a mother of 3 girls (13, 10,5). I’ve been reading various bio’s and finally got enough courage to post something about myself. I’m 11 months a way from completing my BA in Liberal Arts, but after years of debating and soul searching I’ve decided to follow my dreams.

    I’ve always wanted to become a doctor, but due to certain choices and circumstances my dream was delayed. So I’ve since settled for working as a Accounting Analyst, although I’m grateful to have a job, its truly not my calling.

    So after years of procrastination I’m ready to begin my journey. I’m so happy I happen to stumble upon this site while searching for information. Whenever I’d mention to anyone my desire to go to medical school I received nothing but discouraging feedback. I often felt because I’m not the “traditional” 20 year old student that it was too late for me, especially given the fact I have children.

    However, I’ve decided to step out on faith. Fully aware of the time, sacrifice, hard work and dedication this will take, and I’m prepared. I was once told a journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step.

    Good Luck to you all, and God Bless. Finding this site was truly a blessing.


    Hi all

    I confess that I am also a lurker on this site submitting comments from time to time but far more interested in what you all have to say!

    I joined up a few years ago and have been trying to begin with prereqs – however, life seems to get in the way as it does. I’ve been in management positions for quite some time, and time is always an issue so I’ve started and then put Chemistry on hold at least twice now!

    I resigned from my job at the beginning of the year and did some consulting out on my own. Turns out, this was a turning point for me. My sister recently started a massage course (therapeutic) and suggested I join her, which I did. My focus in on the sport injury side, but it does still feel strange saying I’m doing massage therapy. It’s just a 6 month course so not a huge commitment.

    The great thing about it, is that it made me realise(again) how much I absolutely love studying anatomy, physiology and pathology (it’s a great course with excellent content). It’s also teaching me to deal with members of the public and their issues and learn to do paperwork and assessment forms within the 5 minutes between clients. Whew! I reckon these are good skills to have as a doctor. We also use medical terminology on our files and are required to write reports for insurance companies (once qualified) for MVA claims.

    Also, I recently went for an assessment and have been diagnosed with ADHD which makes soooo much sense based on my history. That was a bit of an eye opener for me too. So, back to the B.Sc. next year. The MT will allow me to work in a clinical environment and make some money while I continue to study those prereqs.

    I also plan to volunteer at a nearby Emergency Medical facility (EMT type)over weekends etc. Will follow up on that as soon as I start studies next year.

    Thanks for “listening”.



    Hello all!

    I have been on as a guest the past few days reading through all of the different topics on this GREAT site! I’m so glad I’ve found this. I think this will help support my decision to become an OB/GYN. You can’t help but feel the love with all these successful, smart and witty women on here! Congrats to all those who are where I am (just making the decision) to those who are practicing and doing what they love. I am truly a non-traditional student and will be finishing my undergrad in a couple of years. I left school a few years ago to pursue another dream of opening a business. It was great and I can say I accomplished it, but it was not nearly as fulfilling as I hoped. I am 25 and married to a great guy who will be a speech language pathologist this May! Yahh! As soon as my husband gets finished with grad school I will be pursuing my studies on a full-time basis(no more 9-5…Yah! :hyper: ) and following my dream. I am truly excited and nervous about all that this journey will bring. I currently have no kiddies, but we are talking about trying soon—before Medical School. I’ve been stalking the parenting pages here lately and it seems like sooner is better!

    Best wishes for all of the women in all your endeavors!


    Hi all!

    I am loving the introductions – you women inspire me, truly. I am a 26-year-old mom of two, an almost-one-year-old little girl, and an-almost-two-year-old little boy (yeah, they’re only a year apart!).

    I had been intent on medicine since I was little, but once I got married and had kids, I decided that that would mean too much time away from family. So I kept on with my Psych major, and now that I’m almost done, I realize that my life will never be complete without medicine! So I’ve decided to delay graduation by taking pre-med courses at this late stage in the game. I’ve been getting more and more confident as I read the success stories (and study schedules!) on here from other moms. 🙂 I can’t wait to one day post that I’m a doctor!


    I guess I’ve posted on here twice without formally introducing myself :boggled: So here it is!
    I’m Silvia, 23 yrs old, mom to a BUSY 16-month old little boy. I’ve been married for 4 1/2 years to a great husband who is supportive (or so he says hehe 😎 ) of me becoming a doctor.
    Originally, I had been going to school to become a RN. I’ve been working in a hospital setting since I was 18, and in the more recent years, in Women’s Services (Maternity/L&D/NICU).
    One day when I was working as a CNA in Maternity and doing routine vital signs on babies, I noticed one of my babies had a HR of 70. I rushed the baby to the nursery, and about an hour later, he was flown to the local’s children hospital for emergency heart surgery. I knew then I wanted to be a doctor for sure (after contemplating it for some time), and that it was the right career for me.
    I want to save people’s lives. And I just love medicine. I can’t get enough of it. I’m excited and scared at the same time. I’m glad I found this forum because you don’t hear a lot about other moms going through med school. It makes me sad that I can talk and talk about it to my friends and family and they just give me the deer in the headlights look. I know they are supportive of me, but because they don’t really know anyone close to them that has gone through it, they don’t know how to be encouraging… :rotfl:
    Hopefully I can get to know everyone better in the next little while! :grouphug:


    Hi All,

    I have to say that it has been really great reading all the intro’s and inspirational forums on MOMMD. I have been a lurker for quite some time, and built up enough courage to come out of my non-interactive internet shell. Well for now I guess I’ll go into a brief introduction to tell you a little bit about myself and family. I am a very blessed wife, and mother of three loving children(9, 7, and 4). Myself and husband have been married going on 10 years, and I am quite busy with our daily activites and basic life tasks (Gymnastics, Basketball, Work, Volunteering, Cooking, Cleaning, etc..). I am not the practical traditional student or medical school applicant(in both age or route), but still pressing on!!! I am 28 years young (well as I sometimes feel), and will be walking across the stage with Undergrad Diploma in hand by next semester. I was actually due to graduate Decemeber, but needed to take time to become a better med-school candidate. The venture has not come without its obstacles, and has many times caused questions of not only if, but how I will make my childhood dream a reality. I am currently majoring in BIO/CHEMISTRY; one of which really inspires and motivates me to learn new things. Question: Have you ever felt as though you had a desire to learn everything you possibly can about a particular interest? Well that is how it is for me with Biology. The postive and negative is that there is a constant increase of new more innovating material of inforamtion being discovered every day.(So basically I have a looooong way to go)!!!! Don’t get me wrong I am very interested in Chemistry, Psychology, and many other interesting subjects, but ultimately Biology has always been one of my first loves. I read, I study, I test, and still only have but a handful of the amount of information I seek to have. Well enough about that!

    I have read several of your posts and was truly able to relate to the struggles, the questions, and demands of life that this sometimes bring. Be it mom, wife, student, working, non-working or just down-right lurker I feel we all have a great calling in life. Although the route to get there may seem tough at times WE CAN DO IT!! YES WE CAN!!! I have yet to feel so connected to so many women I have never meet. I could go on and on but will not. Just loving the feeling to vent. Wellllll I wish you all well on your daily adventures and much success getting there!!!



    I, too, have posted but not formally introduced myself. I have three girls(10, 9, 5). I have a very supportive husband, but I sometimes doubt my abilities. I have a BS degree and a MPH and am now taking some pre req classes at the local community college. I should be ready to take the MCAT in the Spring of 2011. Still need a year of physics and organic chemistry.

    I really would like to go to UCSF, but who knows. I don’t think I am very competitive. I don’t think I should have a problem with getting all A’s from now on out, but my undergrad overall GPA was 3.11. My junior and senior year and science classes was more like 3.65. I was young and not very focused, plus I was on the tennis team and had to work so getting all A’s was extremely difficult at 18-21 yrs of age.

    I am much more focused now and have much better study habits, but of course I have 3 kids.

    Anyway, wish me well. I wonder if I will make it?



    Hi everyone!

    I came across this site last year and have read it from time to time…but finally joined a couple months ago.

    I’m 25 y/o and in my 3rd year of medical school. Medicine has always been my dream! I’ve been married for about 2.5 years, but no children as of yet. I always thought I would have my first baby 4th year. School has turned out to be more demanding than I thought. Still, we are considering having our first baby during next year so we’ll see!

    This site has been so helpful and encouraging! It’s nice to hear from a community of women with common goals!


    Hi all – just found this site & am very excited about it!

    I’m 31yo, marriedx2y, have a 9mo old baby girl, and am a 4th year medical student / 9th year MD/PhD student (I know, I know…) currently interviewing for residency in psychiatry.

    Things I have a lot of experience with lately:
    – negotiating rotations (including, currently, my 3rd year surgery rotation, which I’d put off) while pumping enough milk to exclusively bf
    – interviewing while pumping

    Things I’m in the middle of working out and could sure use some support with if anyone out there has been through it before and has tips:
    – trying to negotiate residency in a city where my husband can get a job (…in theoretical math, usually an already difficult national search where offers are made well after rank lists are due)
    – trying to weigh fundamental things like “being in the city my parents live so that they can help (and when they have health issues we’ll be close) versus my husband having a job he likes / houses are affordable”
    – how to support my husband and make things easier for him dealing with co-parenting with someone with a call schedule and inflexible hours
    – how much I’ll be able to pump when I start my intern year

    I’m looking forward to becoming a part of the community!


    Hi, I stumbled across this site some time ago but have yet to make a post so thought I may as well start in here 🙂

    I am an Australian, entering my 3rd year of Medicine this year (currently enjoying (my last) long holiday during the Summer) and I recently turned 21. I love what I’m studying, which is somewhat of a relief considering I had wanted to study Med since I was in Year 5 perhaps without having much of a clear idea what it entails (though no doubt I still have a long way to understanding.)

    I have no children, and am not married/engaged etc but I do hope at some stage that I will be lucky enough to achieve mother/wife status and I find this site a good (and interesting!) source of information.


    Hey mommds…
    This is Pretty! I am a new bee… I matched at a university program in the mountain zone in Im… im gonna be a new mom to be… due in Oct… anxious about residency & pregnancy.. I hope to find new friends here who would make life a bliss… stay in touch


    Hi hrsbkrdr! Just wondering if you still feel the same way about your career and home life as you did in 2002? I do non operative sports medicine and work 3 days per week which is far from orthopedics and working full time. I wish there was more flexibity in jobs which allowed women to spend more time with their families. We have a nanny too which has been a god send. It’s interesting to see what others are doing out there.


    Hello People!!!
    I found MomMD about a year ago through Google and I am so happy to have found a great community where women help each other.
    I am 22, have a child and feel very lucky because of her remarkable presence in my life.
    I have found very useful to read the OLD threads from 2001 until now in the general forum and I think that it covers many questions that many people like me have and there are also very funny posts to read.

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