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    Hi, Jennifer here. I’m a 30 year-old Family Physician in a medium sized Midwest community. I have a 2 year-old daughter, Rhiannon :tired: Primary care has lost it’s luster for me. I no longer care how often I need to check this lab for that problem or add this medication for another. I’m burned-out. It makes me sad. I feel like a failure. I’ve put in my resignation and will be leaving this Summer. What will happen then? Hard to know. Attempts at locating a job have been disappointing. Most clinics don’t feel hiring a physician that wants to work part-time and stay out of the hospital is in their best interest. I’m now considering positions outside of primary care. :crossfingers:

    I initially found this web-site because I was looking for Job postings and/or Job sharing opportunities. I think it’s a great forum for medicine pro and con. After reading my entry I’m sure you can guess I’m not a big supporter of mothers going into medicine. Actually, medicine’s not all bad, but I think there probably are better positions for mothers in medicine than primary care. Suppose I just choose poorly. :weeping: Thank you for listening.


    Hi. I am a 33yo medical school graduate who decide to stay at home with my infant daughter after completing two years of a surgical residency. It’s five years later and I’ still at home, now with my 5,3, and 1 year old.
    I went straight from undergrad to medical school and did well, in top of my class. I had superwoman aspirations and thought that I could be a surgeon and have four children and do it all. My husband and I got married after my second year of medical school but lived apart for two years since he was in the Navy and out to sea for six months of the year. I matched in surgery where he was stationed. When we got pregnant, unexpectedly secondary to me missing a few pills due to the rigorous surgery residency hours, I finished the year but decided to take a year off to sort out the mom/doctor dilemma and because I was so burned out after doing q2-3 trauma and cardiothoracic call pregnant, with the ability to return to my program (they liked me and I had been intern of the year).
    After a few months at home,I decided not to go back.
    My immediate family has been supportive saying that “the kids need you now.” My husband finished his military committment and then worked while going business school at night. Now his hours are stable (7:30-5) and he thinks that if I’m ever going back into clinical medicine I need to get residency over soon, now that I’m finally not pregnant or breastfeeding. It seems too, from reading posts at this site and talking to others, that the children need you more when they are older, so I’m thinking that my window to go back to residency is now, before my oldest hits the “tween” years.
    I do miss the intellectual stimulation of the field of medicine a lot and now am trying to figure out if I can realistically do a family practice residency. I also think that once my youngest is in first grade, that I will want to work, and medicine is probably the most intellectually stimulating, interesting job for me.
    I know that I would only work part-time after residency. I would love to do a part-time residency or shared residency but can’t seem to locate one.
    I’m also not sure if I would get in with my five year gap.

    My other inclination is to be creative and find a work from home solution and give up the clinical aspect of medicine. Luckily, my husband has a good, stable job so we don’t “need” the money but could always use more to add on to the house, fly on trips instead of driving, go out more often, etc.

    The Mom/MD dilemma is so real; I never realized how difficult it would be.


    Wow, great thread! 🙂 I’ve enjoyed reading all of your stories- both positive and negative.
    Here’s mine: I’m a 31-year-old 2nd year med student and mom of an adorable 10-month old baby boy. I’ve been married for 6 years to the sweetest guy in the world. He and I take turns staying home with the baby – I skip lectures 2 days a week, he works from home or takes family leave 2-3 days a week, so the baby’s never been in daycare or even with a babysitter. All that is about to change as I anticipate starting my 3rd year rotations in a few short months…
    Before I became a mom, I had no doubt that medicine was the only profession in the world that would ever truly fulfill me. I was wrong. Being a mom is even better. I’m strongly considering taking a year off instead of starting 3rd year this summer, because I’m just not ready to miss so much time with my son. I’d also like to have another baby ASAP, since I’m not getting any younger…but then I’d be facing the same dilemma this time next year (except that I’d have 2 kids instead of 1, which would make leaving them even tougher!) :confused:
    So…I’ll spend the next few months finishing up 2nd year, studying for the boards, enjoying my baby, and pondering my future…looking forward to reading about all of your experiences for insight in making my decision. :scratchchin: 🙂 Thanks and keep ’em coming!
    🙂 :grouphug:


    I don’t know if anyone else is “hearing” what I am when I read these posts.

    Some have been in residency & taken time off to be with kids; some are in med school & taking time off to be with kids; and some are working in medicine and wanting to take time off to be with kids.

    I am getting the distinct impression that being a mom outways being a physician.

    Just my observation.


    I have to be honest, but I don’t think that that trend is much different in any other “high-pressure” career track either. My previous career was in investment banking and I saw many many women with lots of education and great earning potential and career prospects taking significant time off or “dropping-out” of their careers to raise children. This sometimes meant staying home with their kids full-time, and sometimes it meant switching to a more flexible, shorter hours, and less stressful job. I think the difference lays in the fact that many physician feel “trapped” into staying in their high-pressure jobs due to high debt loads, others’ expectations, and a perceived lack of viable options.

    So I think the career vs family issue is quite universal for women with young families, it is just the parachute for bailing out that differs.

    Just my 2 cents.



    Mimicat, absolutely – good observation about physicians feeling trapped due to debt load. I have wanted to get out of medicine several times and have not, in part due to how much I owe. I am glad I didn’t quit though. Being a doctor is immensely gratifying at times, and a privilege all the time. I was thinking about that very thing this evening, about how women in other high profile fields must feel the same way we do about wanting to stay home with young babies and “what will it do to my career?” concerns. I guess we’re having to blaze our own trails!


    :wave: Hello everybody! I am Jacqueline, a mother of a four month old boy. I have a B.S in biology and currently working on a thesis for a masters in molecular biology. I used to be an ecologist, sometimes traveling to places where people, specially children did not have access to medical care. Which made me realize that after all I wanted to become a doctor (a childhood dream, momentarily forgotten by a sudden need to save all animals :rolleyes: . I am a foreigner so I needed two years of school in the US to study medicine, that is why I entered a masters program, hoping to fall in love with research. Unfortunately, research is a process that requires patience and a lot of years to see that your work matters a tiny bit :boggled: after a lot of :rotfl:


    Hi! :wave: I’m Vanessa and I love this site! I applied to med school for this fall and am waiting to hear from my 2 top choices. I have a 13 month old named Caden :goodvibes: .getting into med schoold eons’t look good for this year and iam trying to decide if i will reapply next year. I do know that i will not stay in my current career.
    Glad to be a part of this site!



    [QUOTE]Originally posted by kjmerc:
    I do miss the intellectual stimulation of the field of medicine a lot and now am trying to figure out if I can realistically do a family practice residency.

    I just saw a survey on Epocrates about “would you do this over again?” Family Practice did not rate the list. In the yes category was Radiation Oncology, Phys Med and Rehab (I believe) and Rheumatology.

    See my intro in Member Mosaic to see my story. I am a family practice dr although I am full time, versus your part-time idea. I don’t know the answer but our group is getting into cosmetic dermatology as an adjunct money-maker. I never would have considered that idea in the past, but maybe I will like it. It doesn’t make my list of what a “real doctor” does, but I’ve been a real doctor for the past four years. It’s pretty hard to be a real doctor and a real mother. I just thought I’d weigh in on the FP idea. If there’s a bed of roses here, I haven’t found it. I wish you the best and keep us posted. I think you brought up some very important issues.

    Good Luck!


    Hello everyone!
    This a real pleasure to be able to read this site.
    I’m FMG by American criterias or Russian MD, surgeon. I’m 28 y.o. and live in USA a little less than one year.
    I’m thinking about continuing my career here in USA, because I really, truly love medicine, as most MD. I graduate at 1998 year and practice medicine – surgery in a different hospitals.
    I have a son, he is 8 y.o. He is a wonderful boy and struggle in second grade with his English. He is good at math, he goes to swimming.
    At my country my parents and my ex-husband parents were a very-very big help for me. They take my son at the time I was at night in the hospital.
    I love psychology.
    I’m thinking about second Bachelor degree here, possibly in psychology, and taking USMLE step 1,2, CSA.
    In the coming spring quarter I’ll take English classes in comm. college for TOEFL.
    And it is very nice to meet all of your 🙂 !!!


    Hi everyone,

    I’m Pam – married, 33 years old. I have two little boys – one is 3 years old, the other is 4.5 months old.

    I am an engineer in the space industry. It’s a fun job, but has been unfulfilling for me. I realized in 1999 that I needed to be in medicine and started taking classes at night. I had my first son in 2000, so I skipped the MCAT that year. I took it the next year (2001) and applied that summer to the three schools within commuting distance (UT Houston, UTMB, Baylor). I was devestated when I didn’t match in the Texas system, although I made the UTMB waitlist. Luckily for me, I was accepted off the waitlist at Baylor in May 2002, to start school in August. However, since I was pregnant again at the time, they convinced me to defer a year and I will be starting medical school on July 28, 2003 at Baylor College of Medicine.

    It’s been a fun journey so far. I have met (both virtually and in-real-life) so many supportive, helpful people. MomMD has been a great resource!

    I don’t know yet what specialty I will pursue. However, I do know that medicine is where I belong!



    Hi everyone,
    I’m 34 yrs old, and am a general surgeon in Northern Alabama. I did 7 yrs of general surgery training (including 2 yrs of research) in NYC. I recently completed an advanced laparoscopic surgery fellowship and 8 months ago, entered private practice with one male partner. I am happily married & have a wonderful 17 month old son (yes I was pregnant for half of my fellowship training and was able to breast feed my son until he was 9 months!). Although I do “bread & butter” surgery, my forte is laparoscopic procedures–Lap Gastric bypass for morbid obesity, lap colectomies, etc. The majority of my practice deals with obesity. I am the only female general surgeon for this town (and a 90 mile radius around it)–so I am being fed a lot of breast cases; but I get way too emotional telling a woman she has cancer.
    My husband is very supportive of me but I do spend 12-14 hours away from home each day. My son goes to an excellent daycare, where he seems to really enjoy his teachers & classmates. I have noticed that when I am off every other weekend my son is very clingy with me and can’t seem to get enough of me. I feel awful about that!! Within the next 6 months I plan on slowing down my practice to doing only elective obesity procedures, so I can spend more time at home with my family who needs me the most!!



    I am 29, married with no children (unless you want to count my 3 furry kids). I have a B.S. in Biological Sciences from UH-Clear Lake. I currently work for an oil and gas exploration company as a Production Analyst.

    I have wanted to become a doctor for a little while now, but because my husband and I are “settled” (my mom’s word) with a house and good jobs,I didn’t think it would be possible. Add the fact that we would like to have kids, just haven’t decided when, and I just never thought it would happen.

    I finally sat down with him and said “this is what I want to do, this is how we would do it, this is when I want it to happen”. Not that I was ordering him around, just letting him know that I had my thoughts in order. He was very supportive, and even encouraging.

    So this is where we are at now. I will be applying this summer to start in Fall 2004. I’m applying to all the Texas schools, but UT-Houston is the first choice right now.

    Wish me luck!


    I’m 26 years old & a junior @ TSU in Houston,Texas. I’am a mother of a 14month old baby girl named KASIA. I enjoy being a student and a mother. The most rewarding is seeing my daughter grow and not missing out on anything. I am so enthusiatic and energetic about becoming a doctor. IT’s been a life long dream, which is now quite visible to me.
    I enjoy arts,music,writing and most definitely poetry. I’ve never been out the state of Texas which is quite sad,but I plan on taking a trip to Disney World soon!! I find life most interesting because you never know what’s coming your way. One day your up and the next day your down. I believe having a focus and striving to reach even the smallest goal can keep your life in balance. Hope to chat with ya’ll soon.


    I am a 40 yr old anesthesiologist in private practice for 6 yrs. I have been married for 12 years and have a son born in 4th yr med school and a daughter born while in private practice. I also am the main home-manager and am first in line to help with my 86 yr old grandmother who lives in an assisted living center here in my small city.

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