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    I was just wondering how I would go about approaching schools about their position about student parents. I live in California and according to the list on MomMD there are no family friendly schools. I would like to stay close to family because, with two kids, I know I will need help. So if I were to call or write..who should I ask, how should I ask..etc?
    thanks for any advice


    I’d suggest calling the admissions offices of the schools you are interested in and asking them about their stats (click on one of the state links on this page to see what kinds of stats you might want to ask about MomMD family friendly schools page )or ask if they have any materials they can send you with that info.

    I’d certainly ask them how many mom students they have on average per class.



    Just want to clarify about the family friendly survey…

    1. This is not a list of family friendly approved schools, this is a list of survey results, you must draw your own conclusions about whether or not you think the school is family friendly based on your criteria.

    2. Every school in USA and Canada was asked to respond, these are the only schools that choose to. Responses do not necessaily mean the school is or isn’t family friendly. This also doesn’t mean that California has no family friendly schools, a school could be family friendly but doesn’t want to be answer the questions.

    Melissa is right, you could use the questions as a basis for your own inquiries.

    Good luck!


    P.S. Please check back as I am starting a thread on Family Friendly medical in the parenting/family forum!

    Brenda MayBrenda May

    If you want to stay in the bay area and have a family friendly school, I suggest Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine. They are ranked #1 by US News for osteopathic schools and are as competitive to get into as UCSF. Only 2.5% of applicants matriculate. I just got accepted there and I couldn’t be happier about it. They have a slightly older student population than most schools, average age 26.3 (Class of 2005 has a 53 year old student and 10 out of 125 students are over 35 years of age) and many students are married and/or have children. They also offer on-campus family housing for $1100 for 3BD houses/duplexes. If you know the bay area real estate prices, you know that it is a bargain. Also, they offer a split for the first year of med school so that you may down grade the intensity level of your first year of academics if you have family obligations that might make it difficult to carry a 27 unit load.
    While I was in my interview, the question came up about 3rd and 4th years rotations and how they are determined. It is a lottery but the one rule of exception was for those with family obligation that would make it more difficult to go to Texas, or some place like that, for a 12-week rotation. Then they put you at the top of the list for local rotations at local hospitals. I would consider the school extremely family friendly judging from all of the dealings I have had with them so far.


    Hi Brenda,

    Thanks for your reply (and congratulations!).
    I have visited the TUCOM website several times and am really finding that I agree with the philosophy of osteopathic medicine as well as the school’s. The split first year is really encouraging as I would still have two toddlers by the time (and IF) i matriculated. What are your plans? Just for comparison’s were your grades, volunteer experiences, etc? not trying to be nosy..just wondering what it takes 🙂 Please keep us updated on your progress. I would really be interested in learning about your experience. Thanks for all the info!


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