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    Does music have therapeutic effects on the human brain? Can it act as alternative medicine for sick patients? Will it soothe your nerves?

    I believe it does. I am a Music major/pre-med student in Los Angeles. I am currently working on an honors thesis research project with the topic: music and the brain. I’ve participated in active music therapy in the past for 6 yrs at Children’s Hospital in San Diego w/my 2 sisters. The effects are truly amazing and rewarding.

    QUESTIONS for all of you:
    1) Does anyone know of any hospitals that currently have a music therapy program?

    2) Are there any musically inclined women out there who would like to participate in such a program?

    3)Anyone have any information on music and its biological/therapy effects on humans?

    Let me know!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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