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    mika mathersmika mathers

    New Member here.
    for those of you thinkig about teladoc or even telemedicine, please read my story and take heed.

    I want to share my experience I worked with teladoc as an independent contractor for over 4 years and never had any trouble until this past year. During the pandemic, a lot of people have been flocking to internal medicine via telemedicine visits and teladoc reaped the benefits of that. As a result a lot of insurance companies started approving telemedicine visits. In June of this year I was placed on a performance improvement program by a senior medical director at teladoc who for some reason had been picking on me for over the past year. I was alarmed that I was put on such disciplinary measures but the reason that I was given for it was because I was using templates as a structure for writing my notes. That’s not a new practice for me and it’s something that I use all the time when I work in the hospital as well. I complied with all of the rules that the senior doctor put into this performance program. He ended up saying that I was unsatisfactory on the performance plan because I only worked 20 out of the 30 days. I didn’t think it was reasonable to work 30 out of the 30 days and so I resigned and informed the medical director. He never replied.

    Following this there was lots of silence, except Teladoc kept harassing me to take more consults. I found out in late August 2020 that I was reported by teladoc to the national practitioner data bank because I resigned during an investigation. I had to appeal it through internal Teladoc process which Teladoc denied removing the complaint to the data bank but gave no reason for it.having never dealt with this issue before, because I’ve never been the subject of any disciplinary action ever in over 14 years of practice, I looked at what the policies were of the data bank.

    Unfortunately, unless Teladoc removes their report it will stay on the NPDB permanently this will permanently damage my professional reputation and will cause problems for me with other hospitals and healthcare entities I work for as well as state licensure. The reason I’m writing to you is because you have a platform in which you can warn other physicians not to work with this company. unless they want their careers permanently harmed.

    parth patelparth patel

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