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    Hi, everyone! I am new to this site so I thought I’d introduce myself. I am a married mother of one, a 15 month old beautiful little girl. I am currently finishing my pediatrics residency. In fact, Sept. 30 is my last day. Why then? I was fortunate enough to be able to take 3 months off for maternity leave so I am just making up the time at the end. One of the best decisions I have ever made.
    For everyone out there wondering if it will all work out? Sure it will. My husband is in medicine as well. His residency will end in June 2003. We have had to do a lot of juggling of call schedules but it has been worth it because our daughter is well taken care of. However, we do not see each other much it seems like.
    Choosing a residency that has a good family focus and flexible staff and residents is really important. Also, a good daycare is really important. When we went to residency, we moved away from all family so we had to put our daughter in daycare. She goes to the daycare in my hospital. There’s even a pediatric ER downstairs. Let’s hope she never needs it. They have good hours and allow for drop in visits so I can see my daughter every day, any time I want to.
    Medicine and family are a lot to juggle at once but it can be done, and well. I encourage all of you who are thinking about medicine to determine if that is really what you want to do. It is hard to stop once you start. Those student loans rack up fast and you feel like the only way out is to finish so you can get a job to pay them off.
    I hope I can give some advice about what I’ve just been through and in turn, take some advice for where I am headed-a job in private practice. Thanks!


    pdsmed, welcome to MomMD! I enjoyed reading your post. Just today I was talking to my husband about the doubts I am feeling. I’ve got 3 kids and a year until I apply to med school. There are days when I wonder how I can make the time for my family with a demanding career. It’s nice to have another person on the forums who’s already done it! 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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