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    Thanks to Kristin for sharing the idea for this new folder. I love reading about you all. Even if you’ve done it elsewhere, login and introduce yourself again!

    I’m Sethina, founder of For those of you who don’t know my story I decided upon a medical career just before my first daughter was born. I’d never been exposed to medicine at such a level up until that point. I got laid off from my job as a market research manager at a software firm, I used this time for life reflection. A medical career had never really been a consideration. Initially I thought it impossible to do with kids. I was reading a fortune cookie (yes tacky I know :p ) and it said “Your Impossible Dream Can Be a Reality” – I really thought about this and realized the only thing that was holding me back was me.

    I looked around for info on being a mom and a doctor and found nothing. I then put up a web page and called it MomMD and here we are three years later going for it!! We have over 2000 members and get over 20,000 visitors per month.

    I applied for UK medical school last year and got rejected. I still have to take my prereqs (I have a BS in Sociology and Social Policy and an MS in International Policy). I will apply again this year. I’m currently volunteering in a premed program at a hospital (in radiology – which is excellent). I have two daughters (nearly 2 and nearly 4), I live in Los Angeles. I love cooking, reading and ONLINE DISCUSSION!!

    I look forward to meeting you all again.


    sammy 's momsammy’s mom

    I am a gynecologic oncologist at a busy teaching hospital in Boston. I am relatively young (37) and have 4 small children. I work more than full time, am a very busy surgeon, and take care of very sick patients. Life is not easy but I am blessed with a great career and a fabulous family with 4 healthy children. Anyone who needs advice, write back.


    HI Sammy’s mom! I would love to chat with you about how you juggle a very busy career and 4 children. I’m 32, have 3 kids, a supportive husband, and am about to complete my prereq’s this Fall. I’ll be applying to med school next summer.

    I realized I wanted to pursue a career in medicine when my daughter was an infant, but despite the fact that I kept accumulating those needed prereq’s, I was never able to finish them until this year. Now life is stable enough and i feel like the kids are old enough for me to really dig in and do this. Spent lots of time feeling guilty for wanting a demanding career after having kids, but I think I’ve gotten past that. (most days!) 😉



    Hi sammy’s mom.
    I will be beginning my 2nd year of med school in August. I am really curious about when you had your children in relation to the stages of your medical career. I wonder how often you see your children and how they are cared for when you are not there. What is your advice to someone that wants to see their children in the morning before school and when they get home from school? What specialties are compatible with this type of family life? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

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