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    I totally feel like I am composing a singles ad for the back page of Creative Loafing– (and if you are in the Carolina area you should be familiar with that publication) but here goes anyway:

    I am 22, a senior graduating in December from a UNC system school with a BS in Psychology and a Philosophy minor, bioethics concentration. I just got back from the summer in London, where I did a comparative studies program in Medical Ethics and the History of Healthcare in the UK. Currently I am applying to grad-school, which I will begin in August 2003 doing either an MPH or an MA in Bioethics (more likely the latter, I’d like to do a joint MD/MPH when I actually matriculate to med-school).

    I was originally pre-med coming into school (I began at Duke and transferred to the public school), but changed my mind (more like got sidetracked), and I am now taking Organic I this fall and II in the spring at my local CC. I am taking the April ’03 MCAT and intend to start med-school Fall ’04. I believe I want to be a clinician, but I don’t know what I want to specialize in.

    Outside of the classroom, I am a single parent (single in the sense that I am unmarried and I have custody, but not single in the sense that I am raising this child alone- because I’m not) to a 5 year old boy beginning Kindergarden this fall. I am myself a mentor at Florence Crittendon’s home for young pregnant women, and adore my church.

    I would love to meet a woman in the area for a relationship as casual as meeting occasionally for lunch, or something more formal like a shadowing opportunity. Basically I’d relish the opportunity to meet any MD’s/DO’s in the Queen City area and get to know them personally- thanks!

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