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    I am applying for one of the state programs that they have available.

    Here are the questions.

    What would your biggest critic say about you?
    This is the one I am really having trouble with…uuugggh… :banghead:

    Describe your personal support system? I can answer that one pretty easily. My personal support system is my family and I will go into detail about that.

    What is your life’s ultimate ambition? I do not want to be so vague as stating that becoming a doctor is my life’s ultimate ambition. That is just one of them. So how would you answer this question?



    Hi! whatever you say, just put a positive spin on it. the critic is just like the question that asks what your weakness is. for example, one of my wekanesses is that i don’t work that well in groups. i would definitley not come rigth out and say this but i might say that becuase i grew up in a country where the educational system cultured compettion and wokring on my own, i have had to work on that in my adult life.

    also, i am stubborn but i would try to phrase it that i am a go-getter and i never give up.

    see what i mean?
    hopep this helps :goodvibes:



    Heh.. my biggest critic would NOT phrase anything like that so politely. I would put the truth, with as little bs as possible. But that’s just me. If I had to answer, I’d say that my biggest critic (myself) would say that I’m stubborn and hedonistic.

    Life’s ultimate ambition? generalize but don’t be vague- you want to be a doc, you want to be a great mom, you want to pursue an interest in climbing Macchu Picchu… say you want to live a long and wonderful life being the best that you possibly can in what interests you.


    I thought about that one for a while… I don’t HAVE an ‘ultimate goal’. I have a bunch of goals, all of them meaning something different, all of them involving different aspects of my life.

    That’s a pretty shitty question to ask someone, because if she says she has one single goal over all her life.. wtf kind of person is that? ie- if she says that her ultimate goal is to be a doctor, what happens when she becomes an MD? All her life she’s has this one driving goal and now she has it.. then what? Oh yes.. to help people. But hasn’t she been doing that all along?


    This question was asked of me in an interview. My biggest flaw is that I spread myself too thin…kids, hubby, volunteerism, school. Notice I left me out of that equation. So I answered the question like this: I give so much to others that I often forget my own needs. Turn your fault into something that is a GOOD trait of a physician! The interview busted out a big smile when I answered this way.

    Good luck, everyone!

    Elise 😀
    Med 1 :hyper:

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