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    As many of you know I have an associate’s degree in Nursing. The school that I went to then and am attending now didn’t have a bachelor in nursing program but plan to starting next fall. Some advisors at the school recommended that I be a bio major, to do so I would almost have to start from scratch and that’s A LOT of money!! I decided to make my major Liberal Studies since that program took a lot of my nursing credit, you pick 2 areas of concentration, so mine is nursing (from the associate’s degree) and biological science. In that way it is more affordable and not exactly starting from scratch. In my major we have to take a certain number of humanities, some I have already taken. Here’s my question/dilemma:
    If I transferred in to the bachelor of nursing program, do you think it will look as if I am not serious about entering medicine, or that I used it as a back up?
    The reason why I would do the nursing thing is because I already have an asssociates, it would be more cost effective (when Im struggling financially to even attend school), and would take less a time. Next year I will only have 2 more prereqs left for med school. And true, if I weren’t to get into med school, I would already have my BSN and would become a FNP. I would hate to spend all this money in a different degree and for some reason not get in, and spend even more money for more undergraduate to get a BSN. I am a very good student, however, I never count my chickens before they hatch!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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