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    I am not in medical school yet, but want to hear form medical students what you think of the whole thing that I am going to explain below. I didn’t post this message in premed because want to hear form you guys how you reach to your decision to be a doctor, please feel free any premed, doctors, residence to write me any thoughts.
    Here is my story
    I am married with 2 children, 1 and 2 years old. I am 32 years old. I have been thinking going to medicine and be a doctor since I got pregnant with my second child in about year and half ago. I got my Master in Public Health last June; I like the field of health for public, and help the world so I chose to get my master in public health. I have completed all premed requirement class 6 years ago, not because I want to go to medicine, but my undergraduate major is biological science. Right now I have a job and working full time. My husband also works full time in non medicine field. I like about the whole medicine, but the thing I am so afraid is the whole hardship that create on family, and yourself. Not able to see your kids for long days and nights, not to be there for them when they need me, not able to go park, visiting friends, and family on weekends, clean the house, and on. It was easier when I was going to Grad school. I usually gone only half a day and Friday in the afternoon no class. Did all my studies and assignments in the evenings when my husband gets home. When I went school, my mom watches the kids. Not studying on Saturday unless exam weeks. Was do able. I did it with not to much problem, but going to medical school I know will not be like this.
    I don’t mind if it will be over in a couple of years, but it doesn’t. It will go on probably for 8 years or more. I met this woman who was drop out of residency, and went to attain another health related field. She told me that the whole thing is not worth it. No life, no family especially for women is very hard. She is not even married or have kids. She told me that everybody she was working with from the nurse to the residence were so cruel on her. You have to have very thick skin in order for you to hand all this hassle, and reach your goal. The lifestyle doesn’t even get better after you become a doctor.
    I started studying for MCAT and again decided not to go medical school. After few months again want to continue studying for MCAT and take the exam in April of 2004. Work probably two years, and analyze it in 2 years if medicine is for me, and if it really for me apply in 2 years since I will take MCAT in April that will not be expired 3 years form the day I will take it, right? I have been sole searching basically for the last one year, but didn’t get solid answered that will definitely pursue me to go in to medicine for sure. My husband, my mother, sisters, and brothers are very supportive me going to medicine.
    Other issue I have is loan. I already have about 50K from my Undergrad and Graduate. It will be hard for me to add on those loan another 100k + and able to repay back. If I continue with my carrier what I am right now, I will probably make 80K in the next 3 years. So please help me in deciding whether to continue with my carrier or give up and start medical school. Any advise, comment well come.
    Thank you for having time to read my issues, and respond me.


    I am not a Doctor either. I have a Medical Billing company. I am going back to school to be a pyschotherapist. I am a firm believer of taking faith walks and We only live once and I feel if you feel that this is the career for you. Then go forward but just plan the best you can. See if you can get some deferments or refinance the current loan and You and your husband must talk it out and really have his support because 1-2yrs old children and Medical School your going to need it and You will miss time with the children. So, really consider those factors. But, I feel why look back and wish you could’ve should’ve when at least you gave it a try. Overall, talk out finances,childcare etc seriously with your husband so, You both know the road ahead. Good luck I hope it works our for you.


    I’m in my second year of med school and I’m a mother of one. We have several mothers in our class. All of us do it differently. I’m pretty sure I’m the one who is the most concerned with just passing. My impession of the road to becoming a doctor is this: If you have a soul-deep desire to be a doctor, you should consider carefully the weight of your decision. Right now I feel that I’m a better mother because I am so fulfilled and satisfied with my life. My school is very family friendly. I go to class from 8-12 in the mornings. Then I come home and watch my son until my husband gets home from work. I study when we’re both home to watch Timo and often study after he goes to bed. Remember that you are the one, with your husband and children, who ultimately needs to make the decision. Take it seriously, so that if you do decide to go to med school, you can fall back on the memory of how carefully you made the decision when it gets tough. So far for me, the schedule has been MUCH less demanding than undergrad. It’s just a matter of finding time to study, mostly.


    Sarah 🙂


    Tayo & BellaBoo,
    Thank you very much for having time to read my post and respond. I am now dedicated to achieve my dream to be a doctor. I am already starting studying for April 2004 MCAT.


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