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    Hello everyone! :wave:

    Just an update and sort of a question here as well! My update is that I’m finding out that I must be a complete freak. :scratchchin: Just checking!

    Anywho, just wanted to tell someone that I’m getting it! WOOOOO-HOOOOO! This is nothing. After my 1st test, I was doing little Toyota kicks all the way back to my office! :laughing:

    Brandi 😉


    Originally posted by bjwarren:
    I guess my question would be:
    1. Does Org continue to build on principles that we have learned? Thus, making falling on my face now rather difficult if I continue to stay on top of material?!
    2. Org II would continue to build right, not be what these others are saying?!?!?! :scratchchin: Just checking!


    hmm, I can’t believe I am already forgetting this stuff since it has only been almost two years, but…….

    have you gotten to the part where you start memorizing reactions? and doing synthesis?

    I also enjoyed orgo cause I just have that kind of mind. I found I had to study harder in the beginning because I was learning a completely new subject, and I wasn’t used to memorizing after have all my open book engineer tests. After I got past that, I just kind of figured out how to learn it much faster. I think really being involved in lab helps. So more towards the end of Orgo I, you start really getting into synthesis kind of things. In this semester you learn the basic stuff, and next semester it really takes off. I think it just moves faster and that is why it could be conceived as harder. More stuff to memorize, but it is easier to “understand.” There are also more possible options to use in your synthesis which makes it harder. But I studied less second semester even though the material was harder.

    and yes, really learn orgo 1, otherwise it will come back to haunt you next semester…..


    Orgo 1 was “setting the stage” for orgo 2. Most of orgo 1 deals with convention and naming which is important for orgo 2. However, once you get into orgo 2 the focus shifts to reactions…many, many, many of them! My experience has been that those who do well in orgo 1 generally do well in orgo 2 even though the two are quite different. The reason I think is because you have proven you will put into the class the time it needs. Iwouldn’t fear it! In fact, I liked orgo 2 even better than orgo 1!!!!!


    Well, i’m a nerd right along with you. I was scared to death of org especially since i was taking it with Physics and physiology. I really loved it though. everything seemed to make much more sense than general chem did. now, i have been tutoring I and II at the university since i completed it. orgI is definiately the building bloke for orgII. not only the naming but the reasons that the reactions take place, like sn1, sn2, blah blah blah, and of course steric hinderance. once you get those concepts down, you will be fine with the rest. orgII is almost all memorizing btu if you have the basics, you can figure alot of it out but just memorizing a satndard reaction and then building upon that. i took the MCAT while i was still in orgII and the best way that i found to study for both was to make large note cards to categorize the types of reactions like “create alcohol”, “reactions of alcohols”, etc. that really helped. as for labs, i didnt get anything out of mine. they were pretty crappy and as long as you can follow a recipe, its pretty easy.


    O-chem gets harder when you start doing reactions and predicting products/mechanisms, but if you are enjoying the beginning stuff, I think you’ll enjoy the more difficult stuff as well. I personally loved them both. Orgo-II is actually my favorite class that I have taken in college so far. :rolleyes: 😀


    have you gotten to the part where you start memorizing reactions? and doing synthesis?

    Hi Seaworthc,

    Yes, actually we have – the intro stuff. We began small reactions a couple of weeks ago. We are using Bruice book, and we’re almost through chapter 4, with 2nd test coming next week. Our last lab we synthesized an enantiomer of trans-cinnamic acid. I haven’t went back yet and took mp to determine which one that I have, but did do about a 6 page worksheet on drawing the enantiomer structures for several compds. We’re starting to get into the backside attacks – I love Nanon’s website for this. It is too cute and accurate! We have also learned not only how to predict the product, but we are working them backwards to see the Rx mechanisms.
    About the memorizing reactions, we haven’t had to do to much of that at this point. It’s all been in the Rx mechanisms. At this point, know these and we know the reactions! I just love it!

    Brandi 😀

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