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    I have visited this site many times, but finally feel I am “one of you”. I just started Med School last week (We have only had 2 days of classes so far). And. . . I just found out I am pregnant. My school seems VERY family friendly, and some of my classmates already have children. It is such an exciting time for me (and my husband), and a site like this will be a great help to me. I look forward to hearing advice, giving advice, and just being here.


    Congratulations and WELCOME to MomMD!!



    WOW!!!!! Congratulations… are so blessed(to have been accepted to medical school-and now your pregnant!).What medical school? Davis? I wanna go there really bad…I got accepted to the there(for undergrad) but deciced on CalBerkeley instead..I will be visiting Davis Med School later this year. Following up on some advice that one of the members here gave.Anyway…what’s your first week been like? How many times did you have to try to get into med school? I heard sometimes it takes people about 3 tries ~on average.Well, congratualtions -once again and welcome!


    Kelddy –
    Yes, I am going to UC Davis. I love it so far. The first week went well. The instructors are great, and my classmates seem great, too. The material doesn’t seem to overwhelming (yet). I was very fortunate to get in on my first try. However, I finished a Master’s degree in Biology before I applied. My undergrad grades weren’t too competitive, so I decided to go for the Master’s first. I learned a lot in those few years after undergrad, and feel I am so much more prepared now (at 27) than I was just a few years ago.
    And . . . being pregnant is amazing! Although I suspected I was for a couple weeks now, actually knowing is a whole different feeling. The biggest problem I see now, is knowing so much. We began embryology last week and knowing what is going on inside of me, and knowing all the things that can go wrong is scary. I really have to make a concious effort not to think about it.

    Thanks for the welcomes. It feels good to be here.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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