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    Hi everyone! I know that new moms often have volumes of questions and thoughts and fears and ideas. Why not share them with other medically-minded women???

    I’ll start you off by asking a question that was a real hot spot when I my kids were newborns. How many of you breastfeed your babies?

    I nursed my first child, she never took from a bottle ’til she was 5 months. My second, however, turned out to be twins!! With the additional issue of having a 2 yr old at the time, I was too intimidated to even try nursing them. (my 1st was also a ’round the clock’ nurser. I was petrified of doing that with 2 babies!)

    Feel free to ask questions, share stories, etc. We want this thread to be a connection for our NewmomMD’s!



    A little FYI about nursing:
    The first couple weeks of nursing can be horrible :censored: Then one day it just stopped hurting. So if you are just starting out don’t worry, things will get better as you and your baby practice together.



    Nursing is challanging, but also rewarding! I bonded very well with my daughter, and I also did both formula and breast feeding until 7 months (she quit, not me!). Many of my friends who became Moms pumped in the early times after birth to relieve engourgement, then froze that milk and bottle feed it to thier babies right up to 1 year! :yes: Finding other new Moms for support is very important because we tend to forget the early challanges very quickly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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