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    How’s this for a bit of hard reasearch to quote on our essays and interviews?
    Not that we all didn’t already KNOW this one- but it’s cool to have the lab evidence to back it up!
    Forget “Who’s your Daddy”- “Who’s your MAMA?” 😀

    “NEUROSCIENTIST CRAIG KINSLEY of the University of Richmond found that female rats that have had one or more litters are much less stressed out when provoked than rats without pups. When he examined their brains, he found much less activity in the fear centers of the brains of mother rats.

    He says does his work with rats, but he said his findings probably apply to other animals and humans as well.

    Writing in the journal Physiology and Behavior, he called the phenomenon “maternal induced neural plasticity.”

    ‘There’s something about pregnancy and subsequent exposure to offspring that create a more adaptive brain, one that’s generally less susceptible to fear and stress.’
    Neuroscientist at the University of Richmond
    (Now, who wouldn’t want THAT as their chief resident? Hmm?)

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