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    We went to war based on what was reported to us as a serious imminent threat. We couldn’t wait any longer for more inspections or to give the world community time to come on our side. We were so busy renaming french fries freedom fries that we didn’t take the time to investigate the reasons that many countries objected.

    I understand that Hussein was a bad guy, but there are lots of ‘bad guys’ out there that we could also target. This didn’t justify a unilateral pre-emptive action against the will of the UN (that we have now come crawling back to on our hands and knees to begging for help).

    Now that David Kay has come out and said that there are no WMD’s do some of you who were very supportive of the war feel a little differently? Should there be an independent investigation into the intelligence failures as well as the administration?


    Okay, I’m all fired up… 😡

    I never thought the war was a good idea…

    I think we made a mistake…excuse me, **THEY** made a mistake telling the UN to “eff” off. I very much believe that this entire thing was a get rich tactic…for the wealthy to obtain more wealth. I think 9/11 if not expected and allowed to happen, at the very least, was not a surprise. I think the Bush white house needed a distraction from domestic issues (ever seen the movie Wag the Dog?)

    …they needed Congress to give them that “blank check” for war, and the way to do that was to suffiently piss-off the American people…and what better way than to blow up…New York (with, get this, American planes) Afterall, everybody loves New York!! And then blame it on…foreigners…”those damn foreigners.”

    (I hope I made my sarcasm obvious)

    …I’m so “anti” now…I even think that these guys…Bin Ladin…CIA…all of ’em, are “in it together…all making money with this war…stealing from us…stealing from the middle east…” Conspiracy theories a’plenty…

    I’m not very left wing…as my liberal friends are constantly saying I “sound so Republican…” but, this Bush white house…sucks!! :yes: And you can’t trust them…you can’t believe the media (that they control)…especially when his track record shows he just lies and lies again to protect the wealthy…

    …and lemme add, I don’t think Bush “and them” are even representative of *Republican Party* thoughts and values.

    With this next presidential election, I hope that America shows this (I’m ashamed to say) President that he doesn’t represent us…I hope we show him (and everyone) that we will not tolerate this flagrant…violation of human rights. It is not okay to steal elections…it is not okay to appoint blatantly racist judges to the high courts. It is not okay to use our tax dollars, and send our children into war, to make money for you and your friends. (When he was off in cocaine/EtOH rehab…or otherwise avoiding going to war, people were dying for this country. I’m not mad that he didn’t want to go to war when he had the chance, but why send us and our children just because our daddy isn’t in the CIA? You didn’t want to go…we don’t want to go!!) It is not okay for the World to hate us…it is not okay to ignore our countries issues. Jobs are a good thing…stop blaming 9/11…errrr 😡

    …I could go on and on… :confused:

    I warned you that I was fired up. 😀


    I agree, Mya….I think this administration is dangerous…and I don’t understand why there isn’t a public outcry over this. The rest of the world is laughing their booties off at us 🙁



    I’m still puzzled over why anyone believed these guys in the first place. Including Kerry. I asked him about this when he was here campaigning in January, and his answer was essentially that he’d been predisposed to think Hussein had the stuff since ’98.

    I’m no Washington insider, but it was fairly obvious to a year ago that Powell was all but lying on the air (which shocked the h3ll out of me), Bush was a stooge, Rumsfeld would say whatever was necessary to live out his Foreign Affairs essays, and Blair didn’t much believe the script Washington had given him to read to Commons, but apparently had his balls in some kind of vise. I actually made a bet with a friend, for a fancy dinner, that we’d find no WMDs. If I could see this — and the sheer nuttiness of Powell’s dog & pony show for the UN — why didn’t the pundits? Why didn’t more of the electorate, by which I mean people who actually vote?

    No, I’m not shocked, is the answer. It doesn’t change my opinion. Read Paul O’Neill’s recent book if you want an investigation, but until this bunch is out, I don’t think an investigation will make much difference. These guys make Clinton look like the Sunday School teacher, and I’d been pretty sure we’d eventually see Clinton as a kindred spirit to Huey Long.


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