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    Do other people who are pre-med have really non-science jobs that they are struggling with? I have completed everything and am waiting until June to apply; I’m also going to re-take the MCAT to boost my numbers. But in the meantime, I am really struggling with how to make a living since I have been in school for 2 years and doing research projects.

    I’ve been temping in a bank just to pay the bills as I look for hospital/research work. It’s excruciating and when I spoke with a recruiter yesterday at THE hospital I want to work at, she said ‘you are really overqualified and we don’t pay very well.’ I said: the money is NOT important, I just want to love what I do and I LOVE doing clinical research. Also, people just assume I will leave soon for medical or graduate school and tell me they’re reluctant to take someone on short-term … 🙁

    Have other people had job problems making the transition between student and employee and somehow supporting yourself while you make the money for applications, etc. I feel despair creeping in …


    Hey try applying to Memorial Sloan kettering. It’s a big prestigous cancer research center. I work there now. I am a research technician in nuclear medicine. They are constantly hiring technicians and research study assistants. Apply and see what happens. Good luck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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