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    Does anyone know a website to schools that are non-traditional friendly (older students)?


    There is no specific website for this. Have you seen out family friendly medical school survey?


    Hi! I’m on the lookout for non traditonal schools also. so far, I would Love to go the Medical College of Virginia as they have block scheduling. this means that classes are from 8-12pm EVERY day. now this doesn’t include a preceprtoship which occurs like once a weekor anything you choose to stay late for like if you choose to stay late iwth your study group in the groos anatomy lab but on average you get 2-3 afternoons off.
    think of what an advantage this would be for mothers. you have a lot more flexibility such as studying in the afternoon and then picking your child up from school or any number of advantages.

    the other schools that i have heard of are UVA where i know of someone who was allowed to do her first year in 2 year because she was pregnant and also at Morehouse School of Medicine, the have a declerated 5 year program.
    Hoe this helps!


    Check out Ohio State University College of Medicine and their Independent Studies Program. You can do your first 2 years in 1, 2 or 3 years as you wish. You also don’t have to spend much time in class (an hour/week!) after anatomy is completed. I mentioned this in an answer to this same questions several weeks ago. Good luck!

    Elise 😀


    Bermiegal- I am a M1 at the Medical College of Virginia and I am currently 13 weeks pregnant! You are right- the block schedule is nice because I am done most days at noon, except for my one Clinical Medicine afternoon per week, which only lasts till 4pm. Even Anatomy is not bad- I have spent a very minimal amount of time in lab, sometimes less than an hour a day and I am doing fine. The block schedule has allowed me to have my much needed afternoon nap almost everyday!
    I also felt that EVMS was family friendly despite having all day classes just because so many students have families (many more than at MCV) and you can even bring your kids to class if absolutely necessary- I’ve not seen that at MCV, yet.
    Good luck with everything and e-mail me if you have any questions about the VA schools- I checked them all out.


    Thanks so much for posting about this subject and the Virginia schools in particular. You see, I am in the area and I just found out I am expecting my 4th child which seemed to be an obstacle at first because it will delay my schooling, but knowing that it’s very possible for me makes it all better. :cloud9:

    Thanks..and I’d like to hear/read more about EVMS.


    I really enjoyed my interview at EVMS and I found that all of the students and professors were very approachable, much like at MCV. I am an UVA alum, so I am also very familiar with UVA medical school.
    I don’t think you can go wrong in VA with any school you choose- we are very lucky. I think it really depends on 1)where you get in and 2) where you and your spouse want to live. Commuting in eastern VA is a bit hectic. I lived there last year and the mileage to go anywhere is pretty crazy. Richmond is definitely easier in that respect. I lived in both the Tidewater area and Richmond, but I grew up in Richmond, so I’m probably biased.
    MCV might have a more known reputation nationwide, but if that is not your concern, both EVMS and MCV have high board pass rates and I think you’ll get a good education and a strong residency no matter where you go.
    If you have any specific questions, I might be able to answer them, but I probably won’t get to it until after my last exams on the 18th!
    Take care,

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