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    Does anyone out there send there elementary age children to a school that is “non-traditional” in terms of schedule and teaching methods? We are attending an informational meting tonight at a school like this in our area, but wanted to get feed-back from anyone else who has done this.

    The school year starts earlier and goes longer into the summer and has more one-week breaks built into the year. Some of these “flex” weeks the school offers a special week-long in-depth focus week – i.e. nature and science week was spent at a nature center learning things about different animals/plants. This would be great for my school schedule as my daughter would have more time off at Christmas during the semester break, but I could take summer classes easier with her in school longer. I know some states do public school scheduling this way too. How has it worked?

    The curiculum is taught with an emphasis on exploratory learning and problem-solving. Instead of memorizing science facts, they will emphasize doing experiments, going outside and observing. I think my daughter would thrive on this. My concern is that she learns enough. I think she would, but it still sounds so different.

    The other thing that I like is that the classes are K-1, 2-3, combined. There is a big emphasis on tailoring to the level of the student. Because my daughter is advanced in reading and math, this appeals to me.

    The bottom line is that it sounds great, but would be a sacrifice in terms of money and time (because it is a private school not super close to us). It may be worth it, but I don’t know anyone who has sent their children to this type of school. Any advice? 😉



    A friend of mine in Winston-Salem NC has kids in public school with a similar schedule, through the summer and so forth, and thinks it’s great because the kids don’t forget everything.

    I’ve looked into alternative school options – we have a Community School which is a little like Montessori and looks excellent although they are not strong in math. It sounds very much like what you are describing. But the positives, so far, haven’t outweighed our options at our neighborhood public school so we are just keeping it as a back-up option.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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