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    As some of you may know,I submitted my application for UK medical school this year. I sent it off to my reference who had to send it in for me by Oct 15th. It got there late 🙁 Meaning that it is unlikely to even get opened, let alone offered an interview. ARGHHH!. One more year added to the process….

    Sethina 🙂


    Hang in there, Sethina. “It ain’t over ’til the (incredibly talented, richly voiced, stunning etc ) lady sings!”
    Okay, that was silly!

    What I mean to say is, don’t give up hope. Call the adcom’s is you haven’t already. If you can ask the LOR writer to call on your behalf, that might help. Also, there are probably multiple students in your situation.

    Don’t despair! We’re all pulling for you!!! :goodvibes:


    Sorry, Sethina 🙁

    The application process is frustrating enough without glitches like that! I agree with Teresa…give them a call and see if they’ll be understanding.

    Good luck! 😉


    THANKS! I’ve decided to write a letter to each school, add my resume and ask them if they will consider opening my envelope! Nothing to lose…. I thought something was up when my referee wouldn’t respond to me. I think he forgot 🙁

    Anyhow, the process continues. I’ve now been assigned to L&D for my next volunteer rotation… and in two weeks I’ll be seeing babies born by vag and c/section. CAN’T WAIT!!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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