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    Hi All, I am an academic hospitalist in the North East and I would like some help/guidance/input. I have disliked my job for some time and finally found a position I may like at a different facility. I am currently pregnant and will be going on leave in about 3 months. The new job is Ok with me starting after my leave ends (maybe 3 months), but I have to give 90 days notice at my current job. I spoke with HR today to see when it would be best to give notice. He essentially said I would have to either; give notice now and lose all of my benefits or give notice after I come back from leave. Option one is just not best and option two just sucks. I then spoke to the recruiter for the new position and he stated that it could be possible to give notice during my leave and go back to work at my current facility for a few weeks, then leave. Or just not return after leave. Have any of you ladies done this? Were there any repercussions? Any suggestions on anything else I can do? TIA.


    I haven’t been in that position, but I am wondering about another option. If you give notice now, could you continue your health insurance benefits with COBRA? It might be expensive to go that route, but at least you would not have to return to your current job after leave and you would still have health insurance.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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