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    At times, I feel like I’m an absolute flake! I started out 2 1/2 yrs ago taking all my sciences post-bacc to apply to med school. During my final semester taking the last classes I would need to fulfill my pre-reqs, I realized (through much research, self-realization, discussion, etc.) that I did not want to make the sacrifices. So, I kept going full time this summer to finish up additional pre-reqs for PA school. I’m a single mom of a 9 yr old and I am afraid that during residency, I would not be able to be there as much as is necessary, although she’ll probably NOT want me there as much…all the more reason TO be there! :boggled: As the teenage yrs approach, kids need adult supervision EVEN MORE!!
    OK…to make a long story short…I’ve decided a career as a PA would be more suitable for me. I’ve applied to several PA masters programs. But, the competition is pretty fierce, so I’ve heard. Should I also consider NP programs? I’ve looked into several schools that offer an accelerated BSN for those who hold a BS in another field and then enroll in the NP (masters) curriculum. Both the NP and PA programs would take me about 3 yrs. It seems there are soooo many more opportunities and programs out there for nurses to obtain a wider range of education/training/certification, especially for the working adult. What do you think? I know that there are some differences in the two fields regarding their “philosophies”…just want some advice…thanks so much! 😀


    Apply to all the possible programs even if one doesn’t look as desirable as another; then you have more to pick from…my NP went to an accelerated program in Boston years ago (technically he got his RN but never practiced as one.)


    Hi, Lalee!

    I’m in the middle of my NP program right now and have decided to pursue my MD after I finish this program. You are not a flake! :goodvibes: Classes are either online or during extended weekends (approx. once a month from Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon). It allows me to live in my community and travel to Laramie once in awhile.

    As to why I am not content to be an NP . . . :boggled: well, as I said earlier, LIFE happens. 😉 My situation changed and now I have the opportunity to become a doctor. I’ve decided to go for it!!! Although being an NP would be a great alternative! Good luck to you! :crossfingers:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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