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    I am a 22 year old recent University of California, Davis graduate in Managerial Economics. After years of internships, jobs, and volunteering, I know that my passion is working with patients. I am now faced with a decision I am very much struggling with- becoming an NP or MD? I love working with children and chronic illness and also women’s health, and feel I can work with either both as an NP or MD. However, most people I know are pushing me toward the MD route simply because I do well in school and am capable of completing med school. My number one priority upon graduation I know will be family time however, and I’m wondering if it’s worth going through med school if I’m going to end up part-time as soon as I am done with residency and fellowship (in order to have more time with my future family- I don’t plan on children for another 8-10 years though). I don’t want to do general practice and will likely specialize in Endocrinology or OBGYN, though I have a lot to learn before I can say for sure. My questions are:

    1) How many hours/week would a part time doctor work and on what salary? (I was told at one point 40 hrs at 100,000 which I could make as an NP without the long med school commitment right?)
    Do full-time doctors really work 60-80 hrs/wk?

    2) Is it plausible to work part-time straight out of residency/fellowship? What are fellowships like in terms of stress/hours per week/salary etc.?

    3) I have type 1 diabetes and am careful to have balance and as little stress as possible in my life. Is med school/residency/fellowship stressful the entire time? What are some things I should consider with regard to this.

    Thank you so much for any advice you may have. This is a wonderful resource for me and I appreciate the help you’ve already given me with other forum topics. I apologize for the lengthy story.


    Hi Mary,
    NP would probably be easier in ALL facets: less liability, good pay, less student loans, less schooling, less stress, better hours, more one-on-one patient time. That said, you should really look at which job fits your personality/needs and your family’s needs. If being an NP would drive you nuts, go for the MD. If your priority is family time, take another look at NP. This is a hard decision I’m agonizing over now, too (I’m 22 with a BSN). Keep reading the posts here. They’re invaluable!


    ok… someone please tell me what the big deal is about applying to med school with a BSN. Why isn’t this a good thing? You would think that they should be happy since nurses have tons of clinical experience. This is so unbelievably exasperating!!!! :banghead:

    I’m changing my major to nursing… and I know doctors who have done it… why can’t I? I almost feel like I’m being bullied here. O.K ..I’m going to stop griping now.


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