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    Alright, I’ve been away for a while doing this medical school thing. Now I am back, but it certainly is NOT because I have finished all my homework and am now leisurely enjoying a cup of tea!! Let me go ahead now and apologize for whining….

    I feel so overwhelmed :rolleyes: . I am doing okay in my classes (gradewise), but it is a far cry from the kind of performance I usually expect of myself. That’s really difficult to come to terms with. Oh, well…

    The other thing is this…I think they keep us in the classroom too much. We have all of our academic coursework (anatomy, biochem, cell) and then we have this other class called “introdution to patient care.” It is where we are going to be learning our first clinical skills (physical exam, etc.), but we have been spending an inordinate amount of time on the “softer” aspects of the practice of medicine.

    We spent 3 hours last week with the pastoral care people from the hospital, for goodness sake, talking about spirituality in medicine. Of course, that is extremely important!

    But, you just can’t help getting restless in your seat wondering if your biochemistry grade isn’t slipping away while you are imprisoned in this gosh-for-saken :tired:

    I feel SOOOOOOOO much pressure right now I can barely stand it. I keep thinking I should be able to do better than this….Does anyone else have this frustration? or this kind of class?


    This sounds totally normal. :tired:


    This sounds completely sneaky ( but effective)…I started bringing readin material to boring meetings/lectures back in med school- to THIS DAY I bring some pieces of junk mail or pay bills or study something if I anticipate a major SLEEPER of a meeting…now if the pastoral people were only 3 feet away that may not work…but in a big lecture hall GO FOR IT ( is my mom going to read this???) :hyper:


    That’s hilarious, Maggie. :rotfl:

    “Is my mom going to read this?”

    I have thought about bringing study materials into these classes. However, I do sit on the first row and there are only 50 people in our class to start with. (Yes, I even have multiple highlighters on my desk at any given moment)

    Yay! I’m not alone.


    OMG!!!! Finally someone else said it exactly right!! Thank you DrLucy for putting it out there for us! I had to read your post to my husband because it was word for word what I have been saying for the last few weeks! Except that iI have skipped far more than 2 classes. That seems to be the only way that I can get any time in the absorb it all. sitting through some of those lectures only confuses me more. only one more week till our first set of block exams so we will see if it is working for me or not. of course i am really not expcting to do very well, there is just too much. That is killing me. I am so use to being the top of my class and now i am having to compete with all of these highly intellegent single people with no outside life, how do we compete? just to study on the weekend i have to take the kids to the park for hours and hours and hours….. I am very frustrated adn am worried that if i don’t do as well on my exams it will come across as though i can’t handle the work and not benoticed that i AM handling the work but with alot of distractions (ie. kids). Oh well, it just keeps piling up so I am going to load them in the car and hit the park AGAIN. Good luck to you. i’m sure that we will all get through this. so many other people have.



    It’s good to hear from you. I hope you all had fun at the park. I hear you about doing this with kids!!! Let me just fill you in on the day I had today….

    I overslept until 6:06am this morning….yes…overslept……got the kids up only to discover (5 minutes before we are supposed to leave) that the 8 year old had gone back to bed and had not eaten the breakfast I had laid out for him, had not dressed, and had not brushed his teeth…..and, yes, this means that missing the bus was quite the likely scenario.

    Just after a bit of screaming and fit-throwing about outfit availability we were out the door in hot pursuit of the school bus which we had missed by two minutes. We finally found it and dogged it for half a mile before it stopped and allowed my somewhat embattled 8-yo get on. At least his fingernails were clipped and he was wearing new shoes…somehow reassuring…I’m thankful not to have run down any children on the way….

    I finally arrive at school early, but not early enough to grab a few library minutes of review. I am feeling quite content this morning that I had spent adequate time studying over the weekend….staving off the inevitable guilt…which, unbeknownst to me, was about to creep up and bite me in the @…..When my fellow students were griping/bragging about their study efforts/etc. and find that I have not printed out the biochem notes for this day’s lecture!!! What a LOSER I must be??!!!

    I happened to mention the new approach I’ve been taking in Anatomy lately and my “friend” says, in her most condescending voice, “Oh, that must be good for you…wow, I wish I had that kind of time…” and reacts to my not having the biochem notes with a shocked and appalled, “Oh, wow, that’s too bad…” Then at lunch she was pontificating on the benefits of reading the lecture notes before class. I replied in my not-so-nice voice, “Wow, I don’t think I have a road map to that place called, In A Perfect World…”

    Mind you, this is an interesting friend who absolutely brings out the worst in me. I should really stay away from her….another topic for another day….

    She is an ex-lawyer, 35 yo, without children, and her husband lives two hours away. I hope she reads the notes before class…she has no excuse.

    Then lastly, after being wholly humiliated in Anatomy lab by the professor for asking a simple question, I find myself in tears. I don’t know exactly why or exactly which thing it was that threw me sqarely over the edge, but it DID and I could not stop crying….for the next two or more hours.

    Then I find, as I was leaving (out the back way through the basement), and let me tell you just how glad I was for this day to finally be over, I cannot find my car keys!! I spent the next hour searching for someone with a key to some room where I think I must have left them. Well, let me remind you that we are on the campus of the Veterans Administration. You know, The place that CLOSES at 4:00 pm!!!!!!! No? You didn’t know that? Neither did I until today. Not even the security people have keys to the lunchroom. Hmmmmmmmmm.

    Meanwhile, while I am walking around trying to find someone willing to help me I continue to wail. :crossfingers: 😎

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