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    I was wondering how difficult organic chemistry really is. I’ve heard all kinds of horror stories at my school 😮 . The organic chem section of my general chemistry class was the only part I liked. I do not do well in chemistry, however,so I am a little scared of what it’s going to be like. :confused: Any imput would be great 😀


    I am due to take O chem next year. I do very well in gen chem. People who have taken O chem tell me, (the ones who had a hard time in gen chem), chem just didnt click until they were in O chem. To be honest, I hear more complaining about gen chem than O chem.


    The people who usually complain about organic are those that did *not* put the time into it that this course requires. Of course there are the few exceptions, folks that just do not seem to understand it no matter how hard they try but they are in the minority. It is not hard BUT it takes a huge amount of time to understand and yes probably memorize as well. Although if you understand it the memorization is minimal there are still some things you just will have to memorize. I found that if you put the time into it you will be fine. I tutor pretty much any science course that is a pre-req and beyond and this has been my experience with not only organic but pretty much all the other courses as well. It is amazing that some folks never ever open the book and expect to “get it” just from attending lecture and looking at their notes. I always encourage my tutees to read ahead of the professor prior to going to lecture, later after the lecture reveiwing everything again and for some courses just sitting down and practicing a ton of problems…okay off my soapbox now. Just do not listen to those that tell you it is soooo hard for often these are the ones that did not do too hot in the course, go ask the ones that aced it. Good luck!



    I loved orgo. I enjoy all chem, but org is my fave so far, but I am looking forward to biochem. I think this inorganic that I’m in now seems harder than the org. It takes some time, but it clicked for me. The concepts are a little abstract, so you’ve gotta do the problems, mechanisms, etc. to get what’s happening and what should be expected.

    Good luck to you.
    Don’t let others psyc you out. Dive in and see what happens for you and your abilities.

    Brandi 😉


    I loved orgo and biochem as well. Mine was much less of a weed-out class than general chem, and it finally bridges the connections that were lacking in understanding biology before. Now you start to understand how enzymes do what they do, and the specific chemistry that goes along with the blob drawings in the bio texts that ignore the actual chemical mechanisms. I’m a total science dork, but I felt like organic and biochemistry filled in more gaps in my knowledge than any other classes I’ve taken.

    There is some basic memorization, but most of the mechanisms also make intuitive sense if you understand the science behind them!


    Thank you for your comments. I feel a lot better! I was letting others psych me out, so thanks for your advice. Sometimes the road ahead of me seems soooooooo long and difficult, especially trying to raise 3 kids at the same time :rotfl: no matter how long it takes. Thanks again for the support 😀


    Orgo is just “hard work.” You really need to put time into learning every topic because it just builds…you can’t just cram…you have to understand! I got an A on Orgo I, and I’m currently taking the second part.


    To preface, I was a chemistry major (research emphasis), but: I found orgo not too bad, and I also was nervous going in. I found that making notecards of mechanisms was a huge help, and I did all of the problems in the chapters and then checked my answers against the answer book. I liked that it all made sense… if you couldn’t remember something specific, you could usually figure out what SHOULD happen, and go with it. Good luck! :crossfingers:

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