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    I just wanted to hear what everyone’s experience is/was with Organic Chem. I am taking Org Chem I this semester and I’m a little uncomfortable with it and worried about next semester. So far, I’ve been doing really well in all my science classes & have been getting a very good understanding thanks to my professors…they do such an excellent job presenting the material. Unfortunately, my organic chem professor is very different…It’s really easy to get a good grade in his class since he gives us a sample exam that’s very similar to the actual exam. However, we don’t have a syllabus for the class so he announces the exam date a week before. On top of that, he does’t use the textbook and has his own notes so we don’t know what chapters to read just until he tells us the week before the exam! I guess I’m very nervous now that I found out he doesn’t teach Org Chem II…the professors who do teach it will expect us to have a good understanding of Org Chem I & I’m afraid I’m going to be lost in that class…I am so worried :crossfingers:

    CaLiGirL :)CaLiGirL:)

    one key to organic chem is to first study the material… and memorize to the best of your abilities. once you have all the important material memorized, do PRACTICE PROBLEMS LIKE YOU”VE NEVER DONE THEM BEFORE! I seriously believe that the key to success in organic chemistry is doing practice problems. Good luck.

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    I would recommend gowing through the book on your own during the break between semesters. Try reading over everything and try to incorporate what you have learned this semester.

    Also I would suggest the Kaplan MCAT study guide. I found the organic chem unit in it very helpful. And since you are going to need to study for the MCAT any way the book will be helpful for MCAT preparation as well.

    Here is a link to the book I am talking about. Well worth the money. der-link

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    What is the difference between Inorganic Chem and Organic Chem, and why is it so much harder for most people? Are they totally different?

    Chem 1 and 2 don’t scare me, so far I have done fine in those but I hear such horror stories with Organic!



    I personally loved organic. However, I had an extremely dynamic professor who made the subject come to life. It was the first chem. class that had working real-world applications: from pharm. to food to dyes to energy.

    Gen. chem is broad spectrum and has physics overlap. I think there are two reasons students freak out with organic:

    1. Crummy professor
    2. weren’t expecting to learn new vocab. (organic is like starting a foreign language).


    hmmmm…..I know a “little bit” about organic AND gen chem. Currently I’m teaching gen. chem at a community college AND I’m finishing up a M.S. in organic chemistry! That said, though, I found general chemistry MUCH harder than organic chemistry. General chemistry takes many different part of chemistry and presents them….many times without a “tie” between the concepts. For me, that was difficult. Just about the time I’d feel comfortable with something, off we’d be to another topic! In addition, general chemistry doesn’t really explain WHY things are the way they are. The freshman is just expected to accept what they are told and APPLY the equations etc. without an explanation!

    Organic is another “bird”. The concepts are all logical and build upon each other. For almost ALL of organic the explanation of WHY is given so there is very little “trust me” given by the prof’s. Personally I found this approach wonderful! I chose NOT to memorize anything, but instead to learn WHY reactions take place. This was a wonderful approach that has helped me considerably throughout my masters. (not mention my undergrad organic) I have discovered that MANY people find organic easier than Gen. Chem. I think the reason you hear so much about organic being difficult may be because those who did REALLY well in gen. chem EXPECT to do really well in organic with the same amount of effort, while those who struggled with general chem are pleasently surprised with the ease of organic. I know that was true for me! In fact, it was undergrad organic that piqued my interest in chemistry and caused me to pursue a graduate degree in Organic chemistry! ­čÖé

    Oh, and inorganic chemistry IS NOT the same thing as general chemistry! ­čśÇ

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