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    I’m working in clinical reserach in orthopedics in a Children’s Hospital right now and was amazed at how many female residents there are. Our two fellows in pediatric orthopedics are also women. Is anyone at MomMD an orthopedic surgeon?

    I’m finding it pretty interesting, and it’s great that you are usually able to fix what is wrong. I was just wondering how women in this field fare and if it’s harder than other specialties for women to get into.



    no – am not in orthopaedics yet but that is my goal – eventually. i was a PT and went back to med school to pursue the orthopaedic goal. I’ve just started back at work after having a baby and started surg training – if only i could get started in ortho straight away instead of having to do my compulsory icu and emergency + other surg terms….
    aaaahh well.

    the ruth jackson society is for women in orthopaedics and probably worth a look. i’m not a member yet but do log onto their site and read their newsletters.

    what type of research are you into? have you finished medicine or are you considering it?

    ortho as i’m sure you know is traditionally very male orientated but times are changing and a lot of the colleges are being encouraged to increase their numbers of females in the field. With that in mind, + the right credentials, i am sure ‘getting’ on to a program wouldn’t be the issue – staying on with the demanding training would be the hardest hurdle to overcome.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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