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    The following was copied from the AAMC STAT newsletter:

    OSHA denies Public Citizen’s petition to reduce resident duty hours

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rejected a
    petition to restrict resident duty hours filed by Public Citizen, the
    American Medical Student Association, and the Committee of Interns and
    Residents last April. In a letter to Public Citizen, OSHA cited the
    Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education’s voluntary
    standards and enforcement tools as effective mechanisms for addressing
    this issue. Public Citizen contends that the ACGME standards are
    inadequate, and supports Congressional legislation that would set
    federal limits on resident duty hours.

    Information: Go to

    Does anyone have any comments on this? Let’s hear them.

    Elise 😀


    I think we should all write our congressmen! It doesn’t sound to me like ACGME can be relied upon to do the right thing by patients or residents.

    What would happen if residents unionized?

    Am I going to be “ZOTTED” from above for suggesting such a thing? 😎

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