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    I am 21 and 5 months pregnant. I will be starting nursing school in a year, and then I will apply to med school. I have a couple of questions. One, I’ve been debating whether or not to go the nursing route. I have all my gen eds done through a community college so it will only take me 2 years to get my bsn. I chose nursing so that I can gain hands on experience and also provide for my child. Did any of you become a nurse first? Do you regret it? My second question is, WHEN I finish med school I plan to practice in women’s health. Have any of you heard of a part time ob/gyn? Can I still make good money with my own practice, being part time? Would I be more successful in my own practice or working for a hospital or group practice? Of course when I say part time I mean 35-40 hours compared to the 60 hours my ob/gyn works 😮 . Thank You


    Hey Smuf:

    First off Congrats on the little one!

    I am sort of where you are, except two years ahead…I have two kids (had my first at 21 yo) Always wanted to go to med school, and decided in the mean time when my kids are young, I would get my RN lisence… Well I grad this May with my ADN, I have been working as a surg tech in L & D for 2.5 years, in the hospital 7, and the experience was invaluable to me during nursing school, I hope that my nursing experince (L&D nurse) will help when I hit med school in approx 2-3 years from now. I start pre-med this fall (part-time). My experience so far has been that this will be most helpful when I grad with my MD or DO…I have spoken to a few docs, who infact were RNs before going into medicine and they said the same thing, things just clicked, technical skills came more easily, the pathophys, while much more indepth, was much easier to them, because they had a good solid background…Critical thinking is a big thing taught in nursing school…invaluable as a physician…in other words you might just have a little edge over someone with no background in medicine (all be it the nursing side).

    I am not saying that just going for it and going straight to med school would be a bad idea, its just not the path I choose for several reasons mainly my kids, they will both be in elementry school by the time I go. And I am not saying that someone with out a background in healthcare before med school is any less intelegent, quick to learn or competant. For me it just works.

    And yes I am still wondering if it was a good idea or a wast of time??? Only time will tell, but my gut is that this was the right path for me and my family.

    In case you haven’t guessed…I plan to do OB/GYN hopefully with a good established practice in the burb’s.

    For the other part of your question…Our hospital uses OB hospitalists…They are board certified OB/GYNs that do 12-24 hour shifts a couple of times a week and make extreemly good money. They are the in house consult, do ER hits, deliver those babies who can’t wait for the PMD to get their, manage emergencies and minors, and assist in sections. They are INVALUABLE! Privately a few run a GYN practice, a few are retired from practice, but still like to work a few times a month, two are just doing this (one of which is expecting her second child this year) and one has his own private OB/GYN practice…

    There are many options…good luck with what you decide 😉
    Nicole :goodvibes:

    My goodness didn’t realize that I was soo long winded….Hope it helps though 😮


    I just wanted to add that I’ll be graduating with my BSN in May and working in an ICU until I (hopefully) start med school. I’m really looking into being an OB hospitalist, too!

    PM me if either of you want to chat more 🙂


    I just thought of something, I noticed you are in AZ, you might want to check out Midwestern University if going DO instead of MD is of some interest to you…there is a campus in Glendale.

    I plan to apply to Midwestern U here the Chi town area for my medical education, I have a friend who went through that program and said is was flexable and does have the option of part time for the first two years of Med school…which I will probably end up doing, so that I can still see my children and live my dream.

    Here is the site:

    Good luck to you.
    Nicole :goodvibes:

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