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    Interesting and disturbing article… It’s troubling how those that do not practice medicine dictate how we should be measured and judged. In the end it is the patient that is harmed. Anyone have any ideas how to stop this? It just feels like as docs we have no control of our profession or is it that we were busy taking care of people while legislation and processes were happening that are further disabling us.

    Appreciate any discussion on this topic— just thought it was interesting how the article mentions how many employers look the other way or encourage compromise of medical integrity. No wonder no one trusts their doc anymore!


    It is sickening.


    Patient surveys are dumb idea but when hospitals are run like big businesses, what else can u expect? I had 360 degree reviews in my previous engineering career but I was being evaluated by my peers. No one understands a physician’s life except other physicians.


    Post deleted. Redundant.


    I think the fundamental error here is jumping straight from “additional feedback / data regarding patient experience would be helpful” to “let’s shunt it directly to administrators and tie compensation to it!” I would love to have more mechanisms for information on my patients’ experiences, long term outcomes, etc. But I want to be able to intelligently integrate that information into my practice decisions – not have it mindlessly processed by large bohemiths in ways that may even increase death rates.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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