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    Ok…I was watching Don Lemmon on CNN tonight and found myself yelling at the screen. He had this guy on who was promoting taking provigil just to have an edge on everyone else. The guy was some CEO of some web company and acted as if he was some expert on the drug– telling everyone that Tylenol was more dangerous than Provigil. And then he told everyone that the best way to get the med was to claim certain symptoms that would lead the doctor to prescribe it even if you didn’t have them!! I was so angry! The population that I serve doesn’t usually come in asking for provigil– they more come in asking for ambien so I had to look up what the hype was about.

    All of this just angers me because it’s just more this culture of scamming the doctor to get the medicine I want and then when something goes wrong sue the doctor or the doctor goes to jail. Didn’t the whole Michael Jackson incident teach patients anything? I’m just sick of the patients who think they know more than the doctor — half the time I just want to say well, if you think this medicine is harmless then go ahead and prescribe it for yourself…oh wait, that’s right– you don’t have the license to do that!

    Oh well, thanks for letting me vent– check out the article on the hype. In the end– it’s just sad actually that we live in a culture where there is an element of the population that can’t sleep and another that simply won’t. I’m sure if this was some type of sporting event then this would be the equivalent of doping!


    Ha! I find myself restraining the urge to say “Oh really, where did you go to med school?” at least several times a week. So annoying.


    Interesting. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Provigil shortens one’s eventual life span. A lot of restoring and rebuilding goes on during sleep. I wouldn’t mess with it. I guess if I had a patient who was requesting it for what seemed like a legitimate indication, I would document very carefully the symptoms s/he described.

    SW to MDSW to MD

    I actually caught that piece on the evening news. My first thought? Hmmm… I wonder how many med students or premeds are rushing out now to request it.

    Personally I prefer my 6-ish hours of sleep and loads of caffeine. 😉


    Honestly, I wouldn’t mind a little provigil these days.

    But yeah, it’s pretty irresponsible to say such things on public television!

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