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    Would it be appropriate to write about my miscarriage in my med school PS? I would like to include it because it was an eye-opener to the realities of medicine, happy and sad, and I was even further drawn to the profession from this experience. Or is it just kind of sappy and seem like I’m looking for sympathy to mention it at all? I plan to start the essay about a car accident I was in while pregnant (not the same one as the miscarriage) and how that frightening experience solidified my desire to be the physician able to treat victims and help people in some of the scariest moments of their lives.


    I don’t have any advise except that you may want to consider this resource to find the answer you’re looking for:

    It walks through what topics to include and how to weave them in. I found it really helpful.


    It’s a quite sad experience you had to go through. Why don’t you try to focus your attention on all the good things that are happening with you now and write on a different topic?

    I can say only from my practice. In any case I wish you success in your med school education!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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